Friday, December 9, 2011

Sure Men Anti Perspirant Review

We might all be dressed up fresh and bright but sometimes perspiration leads to wet patches at the arm pits which will ruin everything. It is never a pleasant sight for anyone. So I have always had an anti-pespirant in my vanity and I carry one along wherever I go. Today I thought of reviewing the Sure Men Anti Perspirant that claims upto 48 hrs protection against sweat and work at as high temperature as 58 degree Celsius. 


I got 3 of these anti perspirants - quantum, ice cool and invisible ice. All fragrances are really awesome and gives absolute freshness. I personally prefer fresh fragrances and thus ice cool and invisible ice are my favorite ones. Quantum is a bit strong according to me but again it is a personal choice. 

  • Lab proven to work in 58 degree Celsius, the hottest temperature recorded on earth.
  • 1 million molecules of protection.
  • Split second reaction speed.
Direction - Shake well. Hold 6 inches from underarm and spray for 3 seconds to form a white dry shield. Use after bathing before wearing clothes. Use on underarms only.

Also not all variants claim 48 hour protection. Well I don't need 48 hours protection from sweat but still thought I should mention this. among the 3 I have got 'Quantum' and 'Ice Cool' claim 48 hrs protection and 'Invisible Ice' claims 24 hrs protection.

  • The fragrance is so fresh and lovable.
  • Love the packaging.
  • Different variants available. [V8 and Sport Defence are the other two]
  • You have a lock option for the spray. You have to release the lock before spraying. Something that I haven't seen in any other body spray.
  • It does give 24hrs protection against sweat. I mean it controls sweat and does not prevent it. Well no one can expect that !! I didn't try it for 48 hours or at 58 degree Celsius but it works effectively even during peak sunny days for more than 24 hours.
  • I noticed this only with 'Quantum' - when you spray it [even if you shake well and keep it 6 inches away] it forms an white layer which is powdery and sticky and which is not very comfortable !! I personally don't like it. Though they claim the white dry shield on all their variants I noticed it only with Quantum.


The price of Sure Men Anti Perspirant is Rs.150 for 150 ml.


I really like these anti-perspirants for 2 reasons 1-they live up to their claim of 24hrs protection and 2-for the refreshing fragrance. I think everyone should try this at least once. Worth the Price !!

Rating - ♥♥♥♥


Note - Product sent by PR


  1. I think I will get this for my hubby. Thanks for the review :)

  2. Hope he likes it :)

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