Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Haul - Massive Dubai Shopping

I think May is my month of shopping and I just go crazy shopping all I want without having any limits !!! If you don't trust me see my last year's shopping during the month of May HERE. Of course it is a mere coincidence. It was a sudden trip to Dubai and I went to join my hubby there, who had gone there on an official trip for a months time. So without saying much, here are the piccys for all you there to enjoy :)

I got a separate suitcase to carry all my stuffs. This cute little American Tourister in Hot Pink became my favorite.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Love for ** Glitters **

Many of you know that I am crazy about glitters. Be it a pressed powder, lipstick or just a kajal I love glitters in all of them. This post is just an mini display of such products I have and I treasure as I am madly in love with them. These are just a handful of glittery products, may be I will collect all that I have together later some time and do another post.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Victoria's Secret Secret Garden Romantic Wish Sumptuous Bath Bubbles Review

Last year my sister sent me a huge set of Victoria's Secret's bath and body products. That was the first time I tried them and I couldn't change to any other brand from then. In the entire collection I have got this is the last but one product that I am using right now. It is the Victoria's Secret Romantic Wish Sumptuous Bath Bubbles. I use this as a shower gel with a bath lily/loofah.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review

Priya suggested me to get this rose water from Fabindia long time back. I just blindly believe her that I first bought the rose water and then asked her "Ok, now tell me what am I supposed to do with it?" ;) She suggested me so many things including an awesome face mask but all I do is just spray it on my face now and then [lazy me]. This is one product I will never regret buying, though it might sound like what it does it very little.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kara Refreshing Facial Wipes Review

I almost forgot that I have Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes that I got these Kara Refreshing Facial Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint Oil. Also I didn't notice that they had 10s pack and ended up buying the 20s pack :( Kara has launched so many variants in wipes, each one in different colour and for no specific reason I like to try one by one until I find the perfect facial wipes that is compact and portable.

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