Sunday, January 15, 2012

Garnier Lightening Peel-Off Mask Review

I haven't used any peel-off masks but I like that peeling effect so much [fevicol peel during school days] that I wanted to try this peel-off mask. Hold on.. not just for the peeling but also it claimed anti-dull skin in 15 minutes. Whenever there is a party and I don't have time to go for a clean up or facial I prefer such face packs. Also this face pack was so pocket-friendly and why would I hesitate.

Review requested by Anju and Bulbul :)


The face mask is in the form of gel and yellow in color. It is easy to take the gel and apply it evenly. The packet has 2 6ml packs and 1 pack is sufficient for face and neck. The pack has a strong lemon smell and it is the typical Garnier smell. Even after removing the pack the smell stays there for a while. It is easy to peel the mask but I guess I should have left it on my face for more than 15 minutes [the pack says 15 minutes] to dry completely. There is so significant difference in the look or feel of my skin :(

  • Travel-friendly face pack.
  • Pocket friendly too.
  • Smells like lemon that is refreshing.
  • Easy to peel-off.
  • 1 pack is sufficient for one-time use.

  • No significant difference or lightening effect. There is just a little bit brightening that a normal face wash would give.
  • Doesn't dry quickly. Need at least 20 mins for the mask to dry completely.


The price of Garnier Lightening Peel-Off Mask is Rs.60 for 2*6 ml packs


This face pack does nothing to my face. All I had is the fun of peeling and taking the mask. Complete waste of money.

Rating - ♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Garnier Stuff never work on me!!I saw this on the H&G bill counter but controlled my urge :)
    I wish Masks tat work would come up in India!!Sigh!

  2. My fav pack at home is the Forest Essential one. It's expensive but worth every money

    1. Which one Priya? Pls share.

    2. It's Forest Essential Facial Ubtan - Narangi & Nagkesar one... Love it

  3. Agree with your review! Did nothing for me too. Total waste. Even rubbing a lemon on my face gives better results. :/

  4. oh so sad. wish it had worked.thanks for the review



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