Friday, January 6, 2012

MAC Plushglass [Funfilled] Review

MAC Plushglass has never been in my wishlist or I had no clue that such a product exists in the market. When I came to know about it, I thought I should give it a try and had almost forgotten all about it. The credit goes to the SA who asked me to try this one and I fell in love with this immediately. MAC plushglass in Funfilled is my second lip gloss from MAC. You can see the other one HERE.

This review was requested by Priya :)


MAC plushglass in Funfilled is a transparent gloss that looks great on top of colors or just by itself. I usually prefer glossy lips and at the same time can't push aside matte lipsticks and this plushglass comes so handy when I want to use my matte lipsticks [I get them for the colors] and show a glossy lips :D The reason I like this gloss so much or one thing that makes this lip gloss stand out from the others is the tingling minty sensation it gives on my lips. It is so new and I completely love it.

  • The tingling sensation that I feel on my lips. I am not sure whether everyone will love it.
  • The gloss stays on for good 4 hours.
  • The gloss is not very sticky.
  • The gloss smells good and mild.
  • It is easily available in all MAC stores.
  • Lot of variants to choose from.
  • Nothing much. If I have to say something then I might say the 'Price'.
  • I wish this gloss was pigmented.


The price of MAC Plushglass [Funfilled] is Rs.1150 for 4.2 ml.


This is a good lip gloss that comes with a difference. If you like MAC and if you are a lip gloss person then you can just blindly get one for yourself. I am sure you won't mind the price then :D

Rating - ♥♥♥♥



  1. Hey Aarthi :) how ru doin,,

    I have tried this one and have the same opinion about it as you do,,looks fab over matte lipsticks..

  2. Absolutely love it.. Tks for the review :) I need to finish my current ones before I can even think of buying new ones :(

  3. Feels great too Rakhshanda.. You must try it :)

  4. Hi Namita,

    Me doing good :) How abt u?

    Thanks dear :)

  5. Your Welcome Priya :) Glad you liked the review :)

  6. I love Inglot lip gloss too <3


  7. Oh which one Megha. Pls share. I would like to try them too :)



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