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Diana of London Diana Surprise Lipstick [Rose Wood] Review, LOTD

I knew this brand DOL during my college days as one of my friend use to get it very often and show us her DOL products. I had almost forgotten about this brand and that is when I came across these lipsticks during my online shopping. I checked the reviews and couldn't wait to try them.

This review was requested by Uzma :)


The Diana of London [I'd like to call it DOL]  Diana Surprise lipstick is super creamy that just one swipe is more than enough. It is super pigmented too and I love it for that. According to the packaging it gives a Semi Matte finish and it has Vitamin E. 

"Surprise lipsticks are not fading, non allergic. Protects your lips from the summer blazing sun, dry heat and freezing winds. Soft creamy texture, semi matte, best shades, keeps the lips soft and supple."  

I got the shade Rose Wood which is a very bright Rose color. This is the brightest lippie I have !!

  • Super creamy lipstick.
  • Super pigmented too.
  • Glides on my lips easily.
  • Lips look moisturized and leaves a matte lips after some time.
  • One swipe is all that is needed.
  • Good color choice available.
  • Packaging is super cute.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Lasts long, even after my meal,snacks and dinner. The color fades slowly though but I am not much worried as this one is too bright.

  • As the lipstick is very creamy you have to be very careful else you might break it easily.
  • Availability is a problem. I found this in 
  • Settles in fine lines.
Just one swipe of DOL Rose Wood

The price of Diana of London Diana Surprise Lipstick is Rs.475 for 5 g. I got it on sale for Rs.404.

LOTD - Just one swipe and it looks much brighter than this !!


These lipsticks are awesome and I wish I would have bought more shades. These days I am not happy with just one :D I will definitely buy another shade from this collection. Be it a matte or glossy lover, whoever tries this will fall in love with this for its creaminess. 

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. lovely shade, love their product!!

    1. Very new in my collection Rakhshanda :)

  2. This looks so pretty on u Aarthi :)

  3. aww this is so pretty aarts :)
    i had bought 1 lippy from this brand long back

    1. Oh which shade?

    2. its from that pure addiction range...its nude shade...crushed almond....kinda nice one...among all the dark shades na this was the only wearable one :P

    3. Oh.. thts nice..

  4. Is'nt Rose Wood bright for its name ? All the surprise lipsticks are bright till now..I hope I see some neutral shade too :)

    1. That is true Bhumika and never knew all surprise lipsticks are bright !!! Thanks for sharing..

  5. looks great on u aarthi :) Im yet to try DOL.. will do it soon :) btw I've tagged u in my blog post.. chk it out..

    1. Thanks Rekha :) Sure will do the tag :)

  6. Aarthi, dis colour is so bloody red and it luks wow!

  7. pretty shade.. :)

    1. ya.. a very bright one too :)

  8. this colour is gorgeous and you have wonderful lips

  9. wow wat a shade oh lala



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