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Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks [Pink Petal & Blushing Brunette] Review, LOTD

Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks are one of my favorite next to the Revlon Colorburst ones. I love the packaging so much, as it is based on the color family it falls into. I got one in brown and one in pink and soon would like to buy one in Red and Plum too :D

The swatches were requested by Bulbul/Kuheli :)

Top - Blushing Brunette, Bottom - Pink Petal


The major reason why I like these lipsticks are the creaminess. The lipstick is creamy and hence glides on smoothly on the lips. Maybelline launched around 30 lipsticks in this range and I always wanted to try one in each color - Brown/Nude, Pink, Red and Plum :) I got the Pink Petal first and Varshini gave me Blushing Brunette. Both shades are amazing and anyone would love to wear such a creamy lipstick. It finishes to a semi-matte color on the lips. As you can see Blushing Brunette falls into the Brown family and Pink Petal into the Pink family (obviously).

Left - Blushing Brunette, Right - Pink Petal
  • These lipsticks have great pigmentation.
  • Both the colors suit almost all skin tones.
  • Lipsticks are very creamy.
  • They stay on my lips for a good amount of time.
  • Packaging is absolutely gorgeous.
  • Does not dry my lips.
  • Easily available and wide range of colors to choose.

  • These lipsticks settle in fine lines but that is not bothering me much, as it is not very obvious. I am surprised that Blushing Brunette does not settle in fine lines but Pink Petal does !!
Top - Blushing Brunette, Bottom - Pink Petal

The price of Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks are Rs.299 for 4.2 g. Now they have increased the price to Rs.310.

Blushing Brunette on Bare Lips

Pink Petal on Bare Lips

Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks are really good ones and are worth the money. Both shades look much better than the way it looks in the pic above. One can try and posses more than one as it won't disappoint you. My hunt for the best red and plum in this range is still on :)

P.S - I won't recommend Pink Petal to any of you girls [you can see the info shared by Bhumika & Rekha in the comments section] and hearing others experience I would just give a 0/5 for this particular shade.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I got the pink petal from IMBB sale but I didn't like it on myself... Gave it to someone else :) It does look nice on you :) I have the crazy for coffee from the same range and absolutely love it

    1. Even I didn't like pink petal on me as much as I liked BB. Will try Crazy for Coffee :D

  2. BB is know in the most lead in lipsticks petal was the not mean to scare you..just informing..

    1. OMG.. though you didnt intend to do it.. it is scary :p Thanks for sharing Bhumika.

  3. Blushing brunette is really nice..:)

  4. ok I got to inform u all something that happened last week.. i was taking pics for my blog sale and I was chking all my lipsticks one by one and wen I opened this pink petal, (my frnd gifted me this almost 5 months back and I had hardly used it couple of times) it had turned in to some gold color (no pink at all) and the smell.. omg it was a rotten egg + kerosene smell.. it had another 1 plus yr for expiry.. i was totally shocked and wanted to take pics.. but my camera ran out of charge and it was late nite, i just kept it aside and slept.. by morning my mom cudnt bear the smell and she threw away the lipstick and sadly i cudnt take any pics.. so plss take my word aarthi.. be cautious with this pink petal! I also have sugared honey and plaza pink from the same range.. both of them gifted by same frnd.. same time and both are good except PP :(
    sorry for my lengthy comment :( just wanted to alert u.. tc..

    1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG Rekha.. First of all, Thanks a looot for sharing this. Maybelline has to do something about ths !!! This is very very shocking. I dont feel like using the lipstick anymore..

  5. hey aarts..nice addicted to Blushing Brunette too :)...what bhumika said is right about PINK PETAL has the highest content of lead....even rekha wanted to tell u this ...
    never knew u had this otherwise would have warned you

  6. blushing brunette looks nice

  7. BB looks really nice Aarthi :)



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