Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tag-o-mania !!

I am usually not too fond of tags and a bit lazy to do tags as well ;) This time I couldn't escape as I was tagged by one of my very good friend Namita of Vivacious Flair and another reason to do the tag is I really liked this one. It is a nice way to know your friends/co-bloggers and hope you enjoy reading/doing this tag :)

I was also tagged by Rekha of Glitter and Gorgeous and Monu of Monu's Crazy World to do the same tag, except that there were 11 different set of questions :D Thanks for tagging me girls :)


Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

11 Things About Me

  • I am a trained Bharathanatiyam dancer and I love dance in any form be it western, folk or even free style. I regret not taking it up as a profession.
  • Love rules my life and I am proud to say that. I never like to mess up with any one and if I know there is going to be a problem I just back up and stay quiet.It is easy to win an argument, but difficult to win a heart. I would like to live and die with 0 enemies in my life.
  • Something that scares me the most [recent days] - snakes and ghosts !!! Neighbours have been complaining about finding snakes at their back yard a couple of times. Having a little kid at home I pray to God I should never see one. I saw Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 and I didn't go upstairs for more than a month !!! Gosh, the movie was so real and that is where it scored.
  • I love to travel around the world. Have (been)seen Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, a part of U.S, Thailand, Dubai, Mauritius. My recent trip was to Goa and would like to visit Europe soon.
  • Writing is my passion and I like to write and publish a book before I die.
  • I love making friends and at any point of my life I had always had a friend who would do anything for me. I am so fortunate, isn't it?
  • I will say I am a very lucky kid, as my parents have got me "everything" I wanted in my life so far. I know the pain behind it but they did it and I would like to be the same to my kid as well.
  • I believe there should be at least one person in your life who knows you in and out, all your secrets, mischief and mistakes. That one person is my husband and he accepts me the way I am !! There is nothing that my hubby doesn't know about me, be it the past or present. I Thank God everyday for blessing me with a wonderful family.
  • I love Thai food a lot.
  • I have been longing to get the entire original set of FRIENDS dvd for the past 2 yrs :( 
  • I am a shopaholic :D [Can you believe if I say, I am yet to see the movie !!]

11 Questions for Me - By Namita

Q1 While crossing a road , what you do.. run, walk fast or hop (don’t ask why m askin this :\  just tellme okay !!)
->I make sure some one is holding my hands as I am very bad in crossing roads and I am between walking and running :P I can say - speed walk ;)

Q2 When was the last time you clicked your own pic ? :p (I wanna see how many soul sisters I have here depending on the answer okay !!)
->Last week when I was uploading  a LOTD here in my blog :D

Q3 Do you also get stares when you can’t find keys in your bag and everytime you dig in sth like a lip balm comes up ?
->Not really..

Q4 The movie you love to the core and why ?
->I am a very romantic person [my hubby denies this ;)] so I love all love stories. I love the movie 'Ninne Pelladadha' the most. It is a Telugu movie.

Q5 Do you give your friends makeup suggestions and  if yes then tellme any blunder you made doing this ?
-> Thank God, Nothing so far !!!

Q6  What inspires you ?
->Smartness. [Not look-wise]

Q7  Have you stolen something? If yes then what and when ? (we love details !!)
->Before I got married, I used to take money from my mom's bag and I'll tell her later. She never minds and I never stopped ;)

Q8 Does this thought ever comes to your mind,, “God!! I have so much stuff in my closet ” (admit it will ya!!)
-> Heee Hee... Yesssssssss I admit.

Q9 The last piece of chocolate you had,, where n when?
-> At home. It was a lazy sunday morning I had no mood for cooking so grabbed a handful of chocolates :D and gave the same to my hubby ;)

Q10 The first thing you notice about a person?  And your logic behind it..
-> Might be the way he talks. No logic behind it :P

Q11 Our first personal cell phones are very dear to us, which one was yours , do you still have it ?(lame ya i know that,, be smart you smarty pants and answer it..)
-> It was a Samsung Mobile. Gave it to a friend during emergency and she lost it !!!

11 Questions for Me - By Rekha

1.    What’s the good, bad and the ugliest thing you have seen in this blogging world?
-> Good - Got good friends, Bad - Jealousy, Ugly - Fights/Politics/Back Biting [All 3 exists everywhere]

2.   What’s the most adventurous/funniest thing you ever did in your life?
-> Nothing adventurous but funniest thing is I enjoy having ice creams that I love to lick even the last trace of ice cream in the cup. I used to do this at home and one day without realizing I did that in a restaurant and gave a shock to my hubby (who was my boy friend then !!!)

3.    Favorite movie punch line/dialogue (with movie name and reason why it's your favorite
-> I usually don't remember punch dialogues but enjoy them in the movies and when others quote them.

4.   Have you ever lied for good? If so what was your best lie that you were in fact proud of?
-> I used to lie a lot during my school days but I am not proud of any :P

5.   Any funny incident with SA’s or while shopping for makeup?
-> Ohh many.. The recent one is I asked the SA at H&G for Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 'Papaya' and she laughed at me saying - 'Hee Hee, no papaya here madam'. I got so irritated and told her that these lipgloss have a shade name and took the one out and showed it to her. She was so embarrassed !! Pathetic that she never knew such a shade exists.

6.   If given an option, the one thing you wish to change in your life.
-> The career path I chose.

7.   What’s the funniest dream you ever had
-> Movie hero madly falling in love with me !!!

8.   What is the first thing you do once you getup in the morning
-> See the time.

9.   Do you have any weird habit?
-> Collecting almost everything I like. Shoes, Watch, Hand Bags, Lipsticks, Pens, Perfumes and the list goes on.

10. How many shoes and bags do u have (approx)
-> OMG.. Might be around 40 pairs of shoes and around 20 handbags (excluding clutch) :P

11.  One question that you wish to ask God if you get a chance to meet him.
-> Did I make the life given to me meaninful or useful?

11 Questions for Me - By Monu

1. What you like the most in a beauty blog?
-> The friends I got here :)

2. Bangles or Bracelets?
-> Very tough... Might be bangles.. I hardly wear bangles or bracelets but I have bangles matching all my sarees. So chose bangles.

3. Long Hair or short hair?
>Short (but not too short)

4. Sweet or spicy?
->Absolutely Spicy. 

5. Blogging or Social networking?

6. Single Life or Committed Life?
->Committed for sure.

7. Are you a bathroom singer or a bathroom dancer?
->Ohhh I'll fall down in my bathroom if I dance.. so singer ;)

8. Beauty tips or Makeup tips?
->I need makeup tips and I can give beauty tips :D

9. What is the thing you hate most in people?
->Back Biting and Jealousy.

10. Who is your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S Show Character? Why do U think so?
->It is so hard to choose. Might be I can try hard and eliminate Chandler, Ross and Phoebe (sorry guys you were equally fab) Ok 1 Guy and 1 Girl - Joey for being so hilarious and easy going and Rachel, coz Jennifer Aniston is my fav actress.

11. What do you love the most in you
-> I don't hurt people easily, even if they do !! 

11 Questions for Me - By Varshini [ or Indgal :p]

1. Do you shop on a budget?
->Well I always want to but would cross the budget almost every time.

2. Do you feel guilty on the amount of beauty products you have?
->Yes. I do because I don't use all of it and keep using the same thing again and again.

3. What do you think is your best purchase in regards to makeup?

->MAC foundation :)

4. What is your favorite language and why?
->Telugu - it is my mother tongue and I love it in its purest form.

5. Are you brand crazy when it comes to accessories like handbags and shoes?

->I was but not any more as I felt I was restricting myself too much ;)

6. Ice Creams or Chocolates?
->Ice Creams in chocolate flavor always :D

7. Whats your favorite high end brand and drug store brand for cosmetics?
->Estee Lauder and Bourjois.

8. Whats the best brand for skincare?
->Clinique CTM is my favorite.

9. Can you go out of your house without any makeup? (Not even tinted lip balms)
->Oh.. Yes..

10. One product that you cant live without?
->Kajal anyday

11. How much time do you spend for blogging? 
->3-4 hrs everyday.

My 11 Questions to You

1.Why did you start blogging? Passion or Business? Answer honestly.
2. 'I am proud to be a Woman', 'Wish I was a guy, I would have got more freedom to experiment in life' - Which statement holds good for you?
3.Makeup,Accessories, Clothes - You concentrate more on?
4.How many true friends did you find in this blog world? Name them.
5.Your current passion? or Something you are longing to buy for yourself?
6.Ice Cream, chocolates or cup cakes?
7.What do you expect from your boy friend or husband? Just tell 3 things.
8.If you are really upset, what is that one thing you do that distracts you immediately?
9.Tell about something you treasure.
10.Something you are really scared of?
11.If you would like to thank someone, who will it be and why?

I am tagging 11 Sweet People

1.Varshini -  World of Women [I know you already did this but just add my set of questions too :D]
2.Shalini - Be Beautilicious
3.Nithya - The Purple Spirit
4.Rekha - Glitter and Gorgeous [I know you already did this but just add my set of questions too :D]
9.Poohkie - Poohkie's Place
10.Bhumika - New Love - Makeup
11.Ankita - Corallista

Hope you girls like doing this tag :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Loved to know about you Aarthi.. These tags help to know more about fellow bloggers.. You know what I am also scared of Ghosts ... I don't watch horror flicks :P OMG that "papaya" instance is so lame :P LOL ... I have been tagged by Siri too and now you have tagged me soo its compulsory for me to upload this Tag O Mania now or you guys will kill me ... :D

    1. Oh yesss, you'll have to do this :D and I am sure you will completely enjoy doing this tag :)Even I am curious to know about you ;)[Any similar ghost stories ?? ;)]

  2. Aarthi, i smiled all thru while reading ur tag post. Its so fun to know each other dis way!!

    1. HaaHaa.. Thx Vanu, Glad you enjoyed this tag :)

  3. I love dancing too Aarthi..but trained Bharathanatiyam dancer..thats awesome !

    1. Oh Woowww.. That's nice Bhumika :)

  4. aarts :) loved reading...sure will update my tag :)

  5. Wow it was a pleasure reading yours..!!
    Enjoyed every answers!!

    1. Thanks Monu.. Your questions made the answers so interesting :)

  6. sooper interesting aarthi.. loved reading it :) me too scared of crossing roads :( and know what I've the original friends dvd set with me.. if you want let me know.. ill give u.. u can watch it n give :)

    1. wow.. that is so sweet Rekha :) Thank you so much for offering. Will defly let you know :)

    2. hey aarts it was lovely talking to u today :) me updated my tag post with ur questions :) do check it out :)

    3. Same here Rekha :) And thanks a lot for updating the tag :) Rushing to see your ans :)

  7. I also was scared of PA 2.. then i went and searched for it online to know whether the story was real or not...Its not..Otherwise i would be so scared...Especially the baby alone..
    The papaya incident is so funny...These SAs...I hate some of them who are so caked with free makeup and look down us as though we dont know anything about makeup... :)
    Wow u are a dancer...amazing..Any chance you will continue doing it?

    1. Oh PA2 is not real !! Thank God !!!!
      SAs.. ha ha ha.. true..but bad SAs set a bad eg to us that I don't feel like trusting any one of them. Only recently I realized there are few real and professional SAs at counters like Colorbar and Maybelline too !!
      No more dancing ife :( I have taken a completely diff path and I have not even thought of going back to it..

  8. wow! U got tagged by so many people and so many questions!!! what fun. 40 pairs of shoes???? Am sooooooooo jealous :D I am going to raid your house :). It was really fun reading the tag and nice to know that u r a trained dancer, really cool.

    1. Ya, it was so much fun doing this tag :) He He, you are welcome any time :) Thanks a lot Anju :)



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