Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Accessories Sale [Part 1] !!

Here are few rules for the sale
  • The rates are fixed.
  • Products sold on first come first serve basis.
  • Sale is for Indian Residents only.
  • Shipping Charges - Rs.30 within Chennai and Rs.75 all over India (except Chennai).
  • No returns or exchange on products.
  • Once you decide to buy a product - do mention it in the comments section and send a mail to desirenzeal@gmail.com as well.
  • The product images shown here are the original ones.You can make the payment through online banking and once we receive the payment the products will be sent to you.
  • Once you have booked a product by leaving a comment kindly do not go back saying you do not need that or you left the comment by mistake. It won’t be counted, as this would create a lot of confusion. So please cooperate in making this sale an easy and successful one.


1. Feather Earrings

Price - Rs.225
Colors Available - Blue, Brown & Black - Black SOLD OUT

2. Owl Earring

Price - Rs.125
Colors Available - Red

3. Filigree Earring

Price - Rs.99
Colors Available - Silver & Gold

4. 3-in-1 Earring

Price - Rs.250
Colors Available - Nil


1. Red Crystal Heart Chain

Price - Rs.250

2. Peacock Chain

Price - Rs.299


1. Bow Ring [Adjustable]

Price - Rs.125
Colors Available - Silver, Brown/Copper & Black

2. Leopard Ring [Elastic / Adjustable]

Price - Rs.150

3. Wing Ring [Non-Adjustable]

Price - Rs.100


1. Rose Vintage Hair Slide

Price - Rs.125

2. Glass Hair Pins

Price - Rs.150 / Pair
Colors Available - White & Red

3. 3-in-1 Pearl Hair Pins

Price - Rs.150 


1. Black & Gold Elastic Bracelets

Price - Rs.350

2. Leopard Bangles

Price - Rs.150 / Pair

3. Love Gold Bangle

Price - Rs.50

4. Elastic Gem Stone Bracelets

A Set


Price - Rs.50 each and Rs.250/Set
Colors Available - White, Blue, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Purple & Multicolor
Note - Each set has 6 bracelets without any of the above colors repeating.

Happy Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. aarthi.. 3-in-1 Pearl Hair Pins, Elastic Gem Stone Bracelets set, Rose Vintage Hair Slide.. block it for me pls :)

  2. Sure Rekha :) Also pls mention the code of the nail sticker you want.

  3. bow ring and the wing ring please
    mailing you :))

    1. Sure Neha.. Pls mention the color of the bow ring..

  4. must say its so well priced aarthi
    looking for more

    1. Thanks a lot for those encouraging words Neha :)

  5. Feather Earrings- black
    Peacock chain
    3-in-1 Earring
    Bow Ring (black or brown) depending on which neha choose
    Love gold bangle

  6. Hi Poohkie..

    You get all the above. Bow Ring is available in both black & brown. Let me know which color you want. Will mail you the details.

  7. Hi Aarthi

    Are there still items available in the sale or are they sold out.

    1. Hi Sangeeta,

      Few products are still available. Let me know the ones you like. E mail me to desirenzeal@gmail.com :)



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