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The Body Shop The Sparkler All Over Shimmer [Boudoir Pink] Review

The TBS Sparkler is one product that grabbed my attention as soon as I saw the packaging [with a pump] at TBS store and at the same time many of you were curious to know about it. So here comes the review of the Sparkler. I got the sparkler in the shade 01 Boudoir Pink.

Review requested by Nitya, Jyo and Namita :)


As mentioned earlier I love the concept of pumping and getting the sparkler out. It makes the process neat without getting the sparkler in the hand or on any applicator. The sparkler was available in 2 colors -silver/pink and gold. I picked the silver one. Though it says pink, it looks like a simple silver glitter. The image guide in the bottle says that this can be used on face, tummy[body] and hair as well. I am a sparkle lover and no wonder I had to include this in my collection.

Can you see the images in the right corner [Face, Tummy n Hair]

  • The pump dispenser makes the application mess-free. Just one full press gives out good amount of product.
  • Easy to spray and spread.
  • Available in 2 colors.
  • Multi-purpose - can be used on face, body and hair. Tried it in all ways and I like it the best on my body.
  • If you are glitter lover then you will love this unique product.

  • If you are standing right under the ceiling fan, you will lose a lot of product as it flies off easily.
  • Expensive.
  • Glitters fade/fall off over time. It stays for 4 hours. I usually pump 3-4 times at least 20 mins before I leave home. Most fall out will happen in the first 30 mins. So if I need some more I spray it on my way in the car :D
  • The glitter looks a bit funny on the face.
  • There is a tiny lid for this one and that gets stuck with some glitter which is again a task to clean :(

Can you see the tiny plastic lid on the left?

Shimmer in the lid


The cost of TBS The Sparkler All Over Shimmer is Rs.1595 for 10 g. However I got this on offer for Rs.1435.50.

Just one pump


I won't say this is a must-have product. It is a good product but would be better if we could get this at 50% off !!! Else I don't think it is worth the money.  Even if you are a sparkle lover wait until you find this on offer. Lakme and Street Wear have cheaper alternatives until then. If you don't mind the price then there is nothing to hesitate, just go and get it.


P.S - Tomorrow is my birthday and hubby promised a huge surprise. Really can't wait :D



  1. Nice product. Advance Birthday wishes :) Have fun

  2. Am not a glitter lover but the packaging is damn cute must say ! Happy b'day (in advance dear)
    hope you have a great day and lods of gifts !!!! <3

    1. Hey Sukanya, Thank you sooooooo much :)

  3. Looks interesting

  4. ooo..Happy Bday Aarthi..this looks nice..but sad the glitter does not even I am excited for the surprise :D

    1. He He :) Thanks Bhumika :)

  5. hey!!! Advance birthday wishes :) Have a blast! and do share abt the surprise :)

  6. Be lated happy birthday !! Hi you share such beautiful product with us. Its very useful product to every one. Its look too attractive. You have done great job.

  7. A new reader of your blog. I love all T.B.S products. Will surely check out this product as i love shimmery sparkly stuff.

  8. I am a TBS lover too :) Hope you like it :)

  9. Anonymous23/4/12

    nice idea.. thanks for sharing...



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