Saturday, April 21, 2012

L'Oreal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio [Blondes] Review & Imp Update

The L'Oreal Glam Bronze Trio is a kind of product which I would have never got, if at all I was shopping for myself and I get to try such products when my sister gifts me some cute makeup stuffs that she picks up randomly for me :) This time I am glad she got this kit for me. To see the kit GO HERE. You can see the review of the Nail Color and Gloss in the kit HERE and HERE.


Being in NC 40s I don't really need a bronzer and I have never ever thought about buying one for myself. So when I saw this in the kit, I thought this is just going to be left untouched in the pouch. On a lazy day I wanted to try something new and swatched the 3 shades in the trio. Liking the colors made me try it on me and to my surprise it left a subtle glow on my face which I lovveeeed to the core. I used the dark golden shade for contouring, the light brown for the glow and the pink for the cheeks. It works well as an eye shadow as well !!

  • Leaves a subtle glow that looks awesome.
  • It works as a highlighter, blush and eye shadow as well.
  • Very soft and silky.
  • Well Pigmented.
  • Little amount is more than enough.
  • Comes with a mirror and applicator.

  • Not easily available, haven't seen this anywhere here.
  • Expensive [found out when I googled about the product]
  • Does not work as a bronzer for me [ too light for me]
  • Brush does an okay job.
  • Blush [The pink shade] is too light for me.


I couldn't find the price of this product as it is not available in India. This tiny box has 11g of the product.



It is a great product according to me. Though it didn't serve the purpose I am glad it works the way I like it on me :D Wish we get this in India so that I can keep buying this again and again. Girls in NC 30s would love this even more.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

P.S - The update I have mentioned above is regarding the sale. I forgot to mention that the metallic nail foils/ nail stickers will also be there in the sale. So be there on time to grab yours. Well, if you have no idea what I am talking about then see the pic below :)

Source - Google Images



  1. this seems nice,but not for me i guess, it would suit more on lighter skin tones as u hv mentioned

    1. Ya, as a bronzer it would suit lighter skin tones only :(

  2. The highlighter is nice :)

  3. Love it... Sad that we don't get it here :(

  4. Nice one, will suit as a highlighter



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