Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lush Pied De Pepper Foot Lotion Review

It has been so long since I bought my first lush product - Pied De Pepper. Well you all know the story how much I wanted to buy a cleanser from Lush and ended by buying this foot lotion !! Also I had promised HERE and set a reminder to myself to do a review of the same. I know I am very late but thought at least now I should share my views about this product.

Sorry Ik, Rekha, Vaishnavi I made you guys wait really long :(


Though it says Foot lotion, it reads as 'foot cream' in the description on the lid !! Might be that is another reason for me to expect good moisturizing effect on my dry feet. The lotion looks like melted chocolate but the smell is very different and a bit strong. This hardly could help my very dry feet, in spite of using the product generously on my feet everyday for a month !! This 100 ml tub would last for 2 months and if you apply a very little amount then even for 4 months. This has a strong cinnamon fragrance that my hubby runs out of the room if I have just applied the lotion ;)

  • I like the packaging, anything in tub form I love it.
  • The lotion looks chocolicious.
  • Lotion is easy to apply.
  • It is vegan.

  • The fragrance is good but too strong.
  • The lotion stains my clothes, might be it is because I use the lotion generously. It left a dull brown color on my bed sheets and white skirts. To avoid this I started using the TBS socks and the white socks almost turned into a pale brown color :(
  • Pricey.
  • Does not work for very dry feet.
  • I had to get a separate spatula to take the product out every time.


The cost of Lush Pied De Pepper Foot Lotion is Rs.860 for 100 ml.


One thing that makes me happy about this purchase is that I could finish the product. Paying so much and if the product expires before I could finish it, then I might go in to depression ;) It is an 'okay' foot lotion but not the one I was hunting for my extremely dry feet. I shall save the tub for a free mask :p

Rating - ♥♥.5



  1. Well i will skip this one.. i dont want an okay product me looking for a super duper foot lotion :P

    1. Yes Zatz, you can easily skip this one.

  2. Ooops more dislikes than likes....

    1. True Shalini.. I was disappointed :(

  3. stains clothes..strong smell..850 bucks???!!! thnx will stay outta it !!

  4. :( :( :( Glad this review helped you Sukanya. Love your DP :)

  5. Thanks aarthi, i will not even sniff it!

    1. Ha Ha... :)Your Welcome Shruthi :)

  6. Thnx for letting us know abt this to-be-avoided Lush foot lotion, Aarthi

  7. will obviously skip...honest reviews like this are a blisss aarthi..



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