Thursday, May 3, 2012

Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks [Rose Wine & Twig] Review, LOTD

It has been a while since I reviewed any products from Avon or Oriflame and I had to dig out these lovely lipsticks and show you all. Few of you might have already read / heard about these lipsticks but still the shades I am going to review are so special and close to my heart. 


These lipsticks fall under those creamy tempting lipsticks. The lipsticks are so creamy and at the same time so opaque that even people with pigmented lips would love it. Twig and Rose Wine were the shades I loved the most in this range and so I bought both. Twig is more brownish, everyday wear lipstick and Rose Wine is pinkish. You can see the shades in the swatches below. 

L - Twig [Credits to Neya who messed this up with her tiny lil finger] , R- Rose Wine

  • Super Creamy.
  • Super Moisturising.
  • Super Pigmented.
  • Not expensive.
  • Great range of shades to choose from.
Top - Rose Wine, Bottom - Twig

  • Available only through Avon representatives. This is not a dislike for 'me' though :)


I got these 2 Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks for Rs.319 on offer. Each lipstick is priced at Rs.255 individually for 3.6 g of the lipstick.

LOTD - Twig

LOTD - Rose Wine


I feel these lipsticks are a must-have and if you haven't got one, do go and grab yours now. Also, consider the above 2 shades before buying, they are the best of the lot according to me :D

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. lovely! I have butternut, twig and Mocha.. try Mocha aarthi.. its a wonderful shade :)

    1. Oh sure Rekha. Will try it, have you reviewed it in your blog? Is it a brown shade?

  2. I have the Rose Wine and the lipsticks are so creamy that my bullet broke :(
    But like you said, these are absolutely must haves!!

    I can't believe Neya has grown up so much as to mess with your lipsticks!!! Hahaha! My little niece also does that. Have to put things out of her reach. :D

    1. Me too broke a Nyx lippy :( From then I am being very careful with creamy lipsticks..

      She is 1 and 1/2 now !!! She just repeats whatever I do and it is fun to watch her doing all that :D

  3. Loved both of them specially Rose wine ... I had very tough time choosing shade from the catalogue as the swatches don't look like the actual lipstick most of the time :(

    1. That is very true Shalini. I got these after I saw the original swatches and after Neha's strong recommendation :)

  4. Hey finally here in ur blog..I have avon UCR in Deluxe chocolate..:)

    1. Hey Preetha, Nice to see you here :) You like browns more than pinks is it?

  5. I am so loving both the shades !



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