Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bourjois Regard Effect Duochrome Eyeliner [61 Vert dore] Review, EOTD

Bourjois has always been my favorite brand, be it the packaging or just the products they are pretty interesting. I have been dying to try a blush from this brand and when I did so I ended up buying a eyeliner too :D This duo chrome eyeliner came free with the above mentioned purchase :)


I got the duo chrome eye pencil in green [61 Vert dore] which is a green eye color with yellow glitters to it making it a green-yellow duo chrome. They had the blue one as well, but the green one grabbed my attention more :) The pencil is creamy and just one stroke makes the job simple and neat. The color fades in a while but does not spread all over the lid. The staying power would be less on oily lids but it stays well for 6 hours on my eyes.

  • The pencil is very creamy.
  • Eyeliner is very easy to apply.
  • Does not smudge once set on eyes.
  • Gives a pretty duo chrome color on the lids.
  • Easily available.
  • Various color options to choose from.
  • Easy to be used as an eye shadow as well.

  • The color fades but just evenly and does not mess up the eye makeup.
  • The color might show better on light skinned people.


The price of Bourjois Regard Effect Duochrome Eyeliner is Rs.330 for 1.17 g. I got this free with my other purchase from Bourjois.

Eyeliner on my bare eyes.

EOTD - Duochrome Eyeliner all over the lid and lower lash line


I totally love this eye pencil and the duo chrome effect it leaves on my eyes. It is a unique [or at least not the usual] eye liner and not very expensive as well. Do try these eye pencil if you like to try different eye makeup products. I might buy another color from this range :)

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5



  1. Liked the shade..but ya would show up only on some skin tones as u said..

    1. I tried it with a base and it looked nice :) Glad I did :)

  2. wow u got this for free?..I loved the second look Aarthi..I doubt if this wud show up on my eyes..

    1. Thanks Preetha :) Actually I tried it on my eyes without any base, when I actually used a base the effect was much better. I am sure it will show up on your lids if it does on mine :)

  3. Woww, this is sooo pretty as eye shadow! Lovely!

  4. Ya Manya, a lovely shade :)

  5. Such a lovely shade.. I really doubt if it'll even show up on my lids (Dark circles :() I realized just now that I don't many Burjois products, except for one lippie (gift from a friend).. Time to shop, I think, my bank acct hates it!!!! Very well written Aarthi!!!

    Hey I have updated my blog.. Please check and support!!!

    1. You can actually make it work.. all we need is practice and patience :D Bourjois is a brand I love, a bit more for their packaging ;) Do get pampered with their products now and then and sure will check your blog :)

  6. even i ordered this some days back :) cant wait fr it to come :)
    looks prtty on u !!
    whts ur NC?

    1. It is very pretty and it will look awesome on you. I am NC 43.

  7. Looks lovely as an "all over" shade !! Nice attempt :D

  8. This is such a pretty one Aarthi.Should definitely pick at least one from this range. :) Looks beautiful on ur eyes. :D

    1. Ya Jyo :) I was so confused between the green and blue. The color will definitely look better on you. Do let me know if you buy one from this range.



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