Wednesday, May 9, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Cream + Clean Pad Review

This L'Oreal product that I am going to review today is quite unique and new to all of us. Thanks to Neha who reviewed the same in IMBB and I asked my cousin to get this for me from Australia :D Basically I am not a great fan of face washes as I feel the face washes (except few) can't do much to the skin other than basic cleansing (irrespective of what they claim). This one is an exception though !!


Guess you can read the information in the packaging above, so that I need not mention them again here. This foaming cream looks like a shampoo (texture wise too) and the clean pad that comes with this is amazing. The clean pad is flexible and just a little foaming cream on it does the job. I was initially very skeptic whether the clean pad might affect my skin but no way, it works like a magic. It feels like I am getting a wonderful massage on my face. Even if the foaming cream gets over I will be using the clean pad for my face always.

  • The clean pad is amazing and it feels like the skin is being massaged.
  • Suits dry and sensitive skin as per the claim.
  • Does not leave the skin dry or stretchy.
  • It does cleans pore by pore.
  • The foaming cream does a decent job too.
  • Unique product.
  • Very little amount of the foaming cream is required every time.
  • The one I have got is for dry and sensitive skin. It is also available for normal and combination skin (blue) and all skin type (orange).

  • Not available in India !!!
This is all I need everytime

The cost of L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream + Clean Pad is AUD 14 for 150 ml. Though my cousin got this for $9.

Directions for Use

An amazing product which is sadly not available in India. If you get a chance do get one for yourself from some friends/ relatives living abroad. The clean pad is must-have and thus the foaming cream. Available in 3 different variants for different skin types.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥ 


  1. I so want this... but why are all good things not available in Bharat :'(

  2. One of its variety is available in India aarthi. I ve seen it in H&G and i ve got the one for sensitive skin. Love the scrublet :)

    1. Oh that is a good news :) Thanks for sharing Shruthi :)

  3. wats H&G? would love to buy dis

  4. woww. I want this now :) long time AArthi :) how are you?

    1. Hey me good..Hru Bee?

  5. Aarthi, this phoren praaduct has come to Bharath.. You can check HG, they have a lot of its variants :).. Think it costs around 450-500 INR

    1. Wow.. Thanks a lot for sharing details with the price range too :) So which nail paint did you buy recently?

    2. Haha.. I keep buying them , my recent one would be steel her heart from Revlon.. You can check my blog:

    3. Ya I did.. Loved Flaming Peach soooo much n fizzy pink too :D

  6. I'm sooooooooooo getting this.... Absolutely adorable

    1. Yaa.. Super fun to use this :)



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