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Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss [ Grapefruit Blast & Passion Fruit Pop] Review, LOTD

Being a Lip Gloss person I like to try lip gloss from all brands and Victoria's Secret is the most recent one. Most of us started our makeup routine with just a lip gloss and kajal and that is what I did too. Though I have been trying so many other lip products my love for lip gloss would never fade. So today I am reviewing 2 lip gloss from Victoria's Secret.


Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip glosses are the sweetest lip glosses I have ever tried and I am glad I got to try these at least now. These lip gloss are super sticky and they stay on for around 4 hours which I feel is pretty long for a gloss. The lip gloss smells so yummy like some guava or fruit cocktail. The smell and taste makes you forget about the stickiness. Grapefruit Blast in a pink gloss with too many shimmers, no way you can wear this in the day time and the Passion Fruit Pop comparatively has little glitters but still not suitable for day wear. However both turn out to be colorless on the lips !!!

  • Smells yummy and fruity.
  • Tastes sweet ;) You can't resist licking ;)
  • Wide range of shades to choose from (more than 50 !!!).
  • The gloss lasts for good 4 hours.
  • Lips look super glossy.
  • Both the shades I have has glitters.

  • It is too sticky that if at all you want to wipe it off then I am sure you are going to have a tough time removing it completely.
  • Very limited availability in India.
  • Even if I am a glitter lover I feel the glitters are just too much in Grapefruit Blast !!
  • It just leaves the lips glossy with glitters and no color :( I wish it gave a light hint of color.
Top-Grapefruit Blast, Bottom-Passion Fruit Pop


The cost of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip gloss is $7 for 13g/0.46oz . They are also available in offers like two for $12 and four for $20.

Passion Fruit Pop on my Lips

If you are a lip gloss person and you don't mind the stickiness you can buy these. Anyone would love the smell and taste;) for sure. You can give it a try. 

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

Aarthi ♥ 


  1. This was the first gloss I tried on couple of years back.. The stickiness and glitter of that gloss are still in my memories :)

    1. Wow.. I tried this brand very recently.. might be it would have been just an year :)

  2. Replies
    1. I have mixed feeling :D I wear it based on my mood :)

  3. Stickiness is something i would not like in my lip-gloss, i wud rather skip it

    1. It was bothering me too but got used to it now :)

  4. Loved the glitter, I like sheer lipglosses with glitter :)

    1. Me love glitters too Shalini :)

  5. Beautiful shades Aarthi... VS has some amazing lotions and body mists...

    1. Oh ya I am a great fan of their body wash :D



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