Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NYX Girls Duo Chrome Nail Polish [NGP 200 Sea of Cortez] Review, NOTD

My love for glitters and duo chromes will never die I guess :) So it is the story behind the purchase of this NYX girls nail polish in Sea of Cortez. I never had an intention to purchase any nail polish until I saw this color. The bluish green color is just amazing that I couldn't skip this at all. I have very few NYX products and this is one among them.


The nail polish is named as Sea of Glitter (wrongly) as well. So do remember the numbers 'NGP 200' if you are looking for the same color. It is an amazing color and when I casually checked all NYX Girls nail enamels, the shades were mind blowing. This color is filled with glitters and hence suitable for evening wear. Color is so bold that everyone is sure to notice your hands while you are wearing this. Need 2 coats to give full opaque color.

  • The color is amazing.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Great range of colors to choose from.
  • Stays well without any chipping.
  • Decent applicator.

  • It has a strong (bad) smell to it that it becomes unbearable during application.
  • Too many glitters makes the nails feel rough initially (without any top coat), though it sets well in a day.


I got this NYX Girls nail polish for Rs.158 after discount at style craze. It is actually sold for Rs.225 for 10 ml.


The NYX girls nail polish is worth the money. I am planning to buy few more shades (pastels might be) from this range. You can give a try as it is not going to cost you much and the colors will stay on at least for 5 days without any chipping !!

Rating - ♥♥♥.5



  1. I hate glitter..but this is a pretty shade..hav never tried nyx nailpaints

    1. I never planned to buy ths Pree but the color tempted me :D

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog dear :)
    I like this shade a lot.. but poor nailpolish always get smudged/chipped :( so i stopped usinng them altogether..

    take care..

    1. Try nail polish from some good brands and you might love colors on your nails then.

  3. sucha lovely shade na aarthi :) me totally loving it.. looks awesome on ur nails :) i bought one nyx np (black cap) in some blue glitter color and had a tough time removing it from nails and it stained my nails also very badly.. so after that i never tried any nyx nps.. this is one is really tempting :) did it stain ur nails and how easy was it to take it off the nails? :)

    1. Oh really. I was eyeing so many pastel shades from this range - 'NYX Girls'. This didn't stain my nails but it was hard to remove the color completely without any glitters on nails :(

  4. The colour is super pretty.. How long does it stay without chipping??

    1. Mentioned it Priya.. good 5 days.

  5. Such a pretty and girly color! :)
    I highly doubt that it will suit me though.
    I'm dusky!

    Loved your blog. The reviews. :)
    Following you.
    I'm a new blogger as well!
    Take care!

    Love! :)

  6. It will suit dusky skin tones as well. So do give a try if you get a chance :)

    Thank You :)



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