Saturday, July 21, 2012

CK IN2U For Her Eau De Toilette Spray Review

These days I make sure I do at least one perfume review every month, especially being a perfume lover I thought I should make everyone know about the good and bad or rather my kind and not my kind fragrances. Fragrance is completely one's personal choice so I don't think there is anything called a bad fragrance, what I hate might be some one else favorite. So here is a review of one such perfume that I am using these days.


The best way to describe a perfume is by listing the notes.
Top Notes - Redcurrant leaves, sicilian bergamot, and pink grapefruit fizz
Heart Notes - Burst of Sugar Orchid and White Cactus.
Base Notes - Warm combination of red cedar, neon amber and vanilla souffle.

This is a floral fragrance with woody base notes and thus completely makes it a not-my-kind fragrance. Though, very recently I have been adding the woody notes to my collection. This oriental fragrance doesn't stay long but the base notes stay on my clothes until I put them for a wash.

  • Lovely packaging.
  • Woody & Floral fragrance lovers will love this scent.
  • Easily available.
  • Not too strong and hence I like this one.
  • Available in 150 ml as well.

  • Fragrance doesn't last long.
  • Not my kind of fragrance.


The cost of CK IN2U for Her is Rs.3250 for 100 ml, however if you find a good deal you can get it for as much as Rs.2000 !!


An 'okay' fragrance according to me. Floral fragrance lovers would love this for sure. Something you can try for winters or evening wear.

Rating - ♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. ooh..I have never treid this brand Aarthi..I lov floral fragrances..:

    1. Pree if u like woody notes then this might bcum ur fav!

  2. This perfume was in my wishlist....Thanks for the review :)
    I like perfumes which stays for long. This may not be my kind of perfume too.:)

    And agree with what you said - there is nothing called as bad perfume :)

    1. Thanks Ray. Try getting EDPs which has better staying power than EDTs if staying power is your main concern :-)

  3. this is one of my fav citrus scents for summer ^_^. I received this as a present from my ex that I was dating that time. I have so much of this left. Have the huge bottle one. Great review and yeah, your right that perfumes are a personal thing. What I might like in a perfume, u might not like it as well.

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

    1. True, me n my sis hav completely diff taste when it comes to perfumes. The one I love d most is not in her collection at all !!

  4. a really huge boring bottle but i want to try it :)

    1. :-) tell me how u liked it :-)

  5. This is a good review Aarthi! I wonder how CKIN2U for Him would be?

    1. Shd be musky i guess.. Never tried it though.

  6. Actually i am eyeing this for months. It's good to know that it's not that expensive compared to other perfumes.
    perfumes online



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