Monday, July 30, 2012

July 2012 Haul

This month haul is quite special as I did a jolly haul with new friends :) I wanted to try new brands and add more prettiness to my collection :D Also wanted to keep it small as I spent a lot last month. It was difficult to resist though, because the blush expert - Deepika and INGLOT expert - Preetha were suggesting me few awesome products :D

I bought a coloressence pearl finish eye shadow [Pink Carnation] and a MaxFactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. I got these from a online store.

You can see the pathetic condition of the eye shadow. It was damaged and the powder spread every where. When I opened the parcel it was all over my hand, skirt and floor. It became too messy :(  Of course the pic was taken after cleaning it. The cost of this eyeshadow is Rs.200. I got it with 15% off for Rs.170 !!

The Miracle Touch Creamy Blush [Soft Murano] was Rs.565 and after 15% off I got this for Rs.480.25 :)

I had a coupon code and hence got an additional Rs.50 off.. Yay !!

Now comes the best part, meeting Deepika and Preetha, two sweet people I would love to spend my time with. Will do a separate post on our shopping and meeting. These 2 beauties suggested me to try few products from Lush and INGLOT and here is what I got.

Lush Crash Course in Skin Care - Rs.480 for 50 gms.

Also I bought 3 eye shadows from INGLOT. Pearl 414 [dupe of MAC humid], Pearl 423 and Pearl 393 [dupe of MAC ricepaper]. Dupe info courtesy - Pree :) The INGLOT eye shadows were Rs.300 each, however with Preetha's membership card I got 15% discount and got all 3 for Rs.765. Thanks Pree :)

This Month -
Total Amount Spent - Rs.1845.25
Total Amount Saved - Rs.299.75
Best Buys - Lush & INGLOT Pearl 414 :)

Happy Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Hey Nice haul Aarthi..I got the Coloressence eye shadow too..the gold one.. :)

    1. Thanks Bhumika :) How do you like them?

  2. Good haul Aarthi.... the coloressence products are beautiful.... Swatches please...

  3. OOh loved the haul Aarthi. :D Hihi preetha is a chalta feerta Inglot dictionary ;) :P She knows them all by heart. :D

    1. Oh ya Jyo, she knws all d shade numbers by heart! Grt talent na?

    2. Lol..Jyo..i miss those inglot days wid u sweetheart..cum back soon..the SA asked me about u also

  4. hahahahah I remember how Preetha knew the numbers of all the eyeshadow colors we showed her and knew which dupe is for which MAC eyshadow! I was soooo amazed!! It was so much hanging out with you guys.. we should meet more often :D

    1. Haahaa ya.. I was amazed tooooo :-) we shd meet again, might be very soon, once neya recovers. K?

    2. sure! :D anytime after 2.30 is perfect!

    3. hahaha..wen i think of that I even laugh at myself..i get super excited wen i enter inglot or wanna meet u all daily..if i wer in chennai i wud hav met u both like daily..



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