Tuesday, July 24, 2012

L'Occitane Verbena Extra-Gentle Soap Review

This review is long pending and now I have already finished using this soap. My sister got few L'Occitane products for me to try and the L'Occitane Verbena Extra-Gentle Soap is one among them. Like Forest Essentials and Victoria's Secret, L'Occitane's fragrance is also quite significant and thus in spite of me not being a big soap lover wanted to try this soap.

The review was requested by Ankita :)


I am not a fan of soaps, in fact I hate using soaps unless and otherwise there is something special about the soap  like the look, fragrance, moisturizing effect,etc. I think I had too much expectation with the soap that I have nothing special to say about this. I am glad it does not dry my skin and nothing else. The 100 gm soap was initially too heavy (for a soap) that I kept dropping it frequently.

  • Too big that it will last for 2 months !! [I find it boring to use the same soap for 2 months]
  • Does not dry my skin, however I need a moisturizer for my dry skin.
  • Many variants available.
  • It contains shea butter.
  • Lathers well.

  • I would rather call this an disappointment - no special fragrance or no fragrance at all. After trying their Cherry Blossom Soap I expected a lot from this one.
  • Availability is an issue in my city.


The cost of L'Occitane Verbena Extra-Gentle Soap is Rs.290 for 100 ml. However I got it from my sister as a gift.


I have nothing special to say about this soap, might be the other variants could be better but I am not trying any more. If you are a soap lover then you can try this as it will last you for good 2 months.

Rating - ♥♥.5



  1. Im not a soap lover as well but maybe will try one from this brand

    1. I like soaps from TBS n L'Occitane, esp for their fragrance :)

  2. I also get bored with my soaps frequently but i love love love handmade soaps. :D I was expecting a very nice review for this. bt this sounds like an average soap to me. :/

    1. Ya Jyo, even I expected a lot !!

  3. :) even i don't love soaps much but like body wash :)

    but this say...u can try :)

    1. You can try their Cherry Blossom version Smita :)



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