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Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel [05,08,21,23] Review, NOTD

Sometimes we just buy things in a jiffy, without any reason, need or love. We just feel like having them and one such buy during my grocery shopping were these Street Wear Nail Enamels in 4 different shades. The shades I got were
  • Rose Pink (05) - candy pink color
  • Coffee Bite (08) - nude brown
  • Silver Sparkles (21) - pure silver sparkles
  • Pearl White (23) - plain pearl white color


These tiny little nail enamels come in a wide range of color choice that will leave us hard to pick just one, so I picked four. The white and pink ones are quiet creamy and difficult to apply as well as they are neither opaque nor buildable. Though I didn't expect much from these there is nothing better than the cuteness of these nail enamels. Silver and brown nail enamels were comparatively easy to apply and stays longer too. Thank God they are not pricey and I use these as casual fun colors on my nails.

  • The wide color choice available makes us drool.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Right amount of nail enamel I would need - I might not use more than what is in this bottle before it expires.
  • Few colors stay well without any chipping for 3 days. Here it is the silver and white one.

  • The applicator is bad.
  • The creamy colors are difficult to apply and build !!
  • The creamy colors peel off easily too !!
Rose Pink (05)

Coffee Bite (08) - Love the name :D

Silver Sparkles (21)

Pearl White (23)


The price of these Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamels are Rs.45 each for 5 ml.


The Street Wear Nail enamels are cute and has great color choice as well. If you find some unusual colors then you can pick it up for sure. The quality is just 'okay', so once in a while you can also try using these brands. It is better to try the colors before buying as the creamy ones are not so good quality wise but attracts us more due to the color.

Rating - ♥♥♥



  1. rose pink for me..lovely shades n nice pics Aarthi..I used to have many from streetwear before but now iv become a colorbar addict

    1. I love colorbar nail enamels too.. They have awesome color choice that leaves us confused :-)

  2. I like rose pink..

  3. The first color is gorgeous....

    1. Yaa but it hardly stays for a day!

  4. silver sparkles is super pretty!

    1. it on my legs :-)

  5. Anonymous29/7/12

    can you do a post on your makeup/skincare/jewellery collection storage please? how do you store everything?

    1. Sure :-) i hav already taken d pics. Will do d post soon :-)

  6. Lovely! Loved all of them :) GOod choice aarthi.

  7. I loved rose pink and silver sparkles. It has such a amazing mirror shine to it. <3

  8. True Jyo, love all d colors :-) esp rose pink is awesome but v bad staying power :(

  9. The colors are so pretty..but I think pricing at Rs. 45, I would like it even if it was the most jhataaaaaaaaaaak color in the world..heheeeee cant go wrong with that price na :D I had a couple of these long back..and those Elle 18 golu molu ones...

    1. True Rads. I even saw a lemon yellow one recently ;) I jus hav a couple of elle 18 ones, dono y i like these street wear better than elle 18 :p

  10. You said this one...that you tried similar way of photo?? Ohooo is not my idea...I tho original copycatter..all the pretty nail blogs post this way..and I don't like putting only nails looks like a claw I feel..and my hands look old ladyish too :| :|

    I wanted to tell you it's nice, but you are so strict on your quality requirements for calling your NOTDs nice..I was like thinking twice whether or not to tell you :tremble: :heheheheheee:

    1. Thts so sweet of you Rads :-)



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