Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bourjois Eau De Gloss 17 Rose Vitamine Review, Swatch & LOTD

You all know I love gloss and the brand Bourjois so much. When my favorite brand came up with a differently packed gloss I couldn't stop myself from trying it. I got this by just seeing the packaging, for some reason it reminded me the pipette we used in our chem labs :) A cute gloss-filled pipette in this case ;)


I loved the packaging of the gloss so much that I bought this.The gloss is absolutely non-sticky and I was really surprised. The gloss is not very smooth on the lips and feels like there are some fine granules in the gloss. This particular shade is a baby pink one with golden glitters, making gloss look more peachish. Glitters are very tiny and not very obvious that I wear it easily even during the day time.

  • Absolutely non-sticky.
  • Gives a light baby pink color with glitters.
  • Applicator is good as well.
  • Smells like poppins, so yummy.
  • Love the unique packaging.

  • It stays for a maximum of 3 hours and color fades slowly - like with most of the gloss available.
  • Availability is an issue. I was hunting for this for a couple of months until I found this online.


The cost of Bourjois Eau De Gloss is Rs.575 for 7 ml.

LOTD - As soon as applying the gloss


Get this gloss if you are a gloss person and who prefers non - stickiness in your gloss. I love the light tint of color it leaves on my lips. Try the gloss and get it if the poppins fragrance makes you drool :)

Rating - ♥♥♥.5



  1. That's a Pretty baby pink shade with shimmers :)
    Non-sticky thing is good too but still I am hunting for a long lasting lip gloss.
    Nice Review Aarthi

  2. Non sticky?? That s really good! I love the packaging! Will chk it out.

    1. Ya Shruthi guess ull like it :-)

  3. really cute lukin gloss :)

  4. OMG..first thing I thought when I saw the photo is it's like some lab thing..and you wrote pipette!!! Yayyy..I am normal :D :D :D Have never tried anything from Bourjois..when I was in India I never got any..and now I don't seem to find it at any store...serves me right for ignoring it in India I guess :D

    1. He he.. I love Bourjois for their diff packaging n unique ideas in their prods :-)

  5. Non stickiness is a great feature in lip glosses, not seen in many! Good that this one has...
    Thanks for the review Aarthi.
    OFFICE WEAR 41 - Fashion Panache

    1. Glad you liked it :)

    2. Whoa. the packaging is so unique. Straight out of chemestry lab. :D bt kind of cute. :) Looks pretty on your lips Aarthi. :)

    3. He He I felt the same chem lab thingy ;)



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