Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kaya offers double compliments at half the price !

                       This August, Kaya gets you double the compliments at half the price!
                                 100% WOW and 50% OFF at the Big Kaya Sale

Rush to live your dream of flawless, radiant and supple skin with 50% off on a host of beauty services at Kaya. Right from Kaya’s exotic Signature Face Therapies to hair-free treatments and products, AUGUST RUSH is back with a promise to get you double the compliments.

Available at half the price, Kaya’s Everyday Radiance Package addresses the vital needs of ‘Exfoliation-Hydration-Nourishment’ this monsoon. Furthermore, Kaya’s Aqua Radiance perfectly uses nature’s basic elements of air and water, which oxygenates, exfoliates and hydrates your skin. Tagged with a dream price, these services are available at Rs. 2750/- for 3 sessions and Rs. 4900/- for 6 sessions for the entire month of August.

The excitement doesn’t end here. To help you get rid of your stress of unwanted hair, Kaya offers 50% discount on Kaya’s range of Satin Smooth services. With half the price, now full body laser services this August will make you the envy of others, as you flaunt your smooth hair-free skin!

That’s also not all! A class apart from the ordinary facials, Kaya’s Signature Face Therapies offers a combination of science and nature for re-balanced, smooth and brighter skin. Get ready to indulge yourself with a 40% discount on 3 session packages of all Kaya’s Signature Face Therapies through the month of August.    
Some Additional August Rush Offers

  • Product and Package Offers -20% off on single package purchase, 30% off on 2 package purchase
  • Product and Package Offers -20% off on purchase of products worth Rs.1500, 30% off on a combined package of Botox and Fillers.
  • 20% off for all Doctor Led Services (Anti-Ageing, Acne, Acne Scar Reduction and Pigmentation Reduction Services)

So what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic this August, pamper and surprise yourself, and love what you see.

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - Information sent by PR.

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