Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Eau De Parfum Review

Being a perfume lover I like to try all kinds of fragrance. Though I initially preferred fresh and fruity notes, I am trying even the musky ones lately. I just wear them according to the season and occasion. Will do a separate post on perfumes in general, which I have been wanting to do since I started this blog !! For today, I am reviewing my 2nd fragrance from TBS - White Musk Libertine.


I would call this a sweet musky fragrance, a right mixture of sweet and musky fragrance - one is not dominating the other. Since it is an EDP it stays long enough and I like the way they have got in the sweetness in a musky fragrance which actually made me get this one !! A great new way to make even the non-musky people to try the musky fragrances.

Claims to have cruelty - free musk (vegetable musk notes).

Notes - A bold new twist on musk, this sensual eau de parfum features a heady blend of cruelty-free musks at its top, heart and base, with sweet notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream.


  • Packaging is absolutely cute and pink
  • Comes in a tiny 30 ml bottle that can be carried around. Remember I like all that is tiny, cute and pink.
  • Equal amount of sweetness and muskiness.
  • Stays long.
  • Best to be worn during winters and  summer evenings.
  • Easily available.  
  • Also available as EDTs and body mists. 

  • The base notes are obviously musky and the sweetness vanishes over time. Towards the end all I can smell is more muskiness and little sweetness. Not a big con though as I have decided to try musky notes I can't complain.

The cost of The Body Shop White Musk Libertine EDP is Rs.1495 for 30 ml


Having mentioned the notes, go get this if you like to try musky fragrances for the first time. You might like it. This is also available as EDTs and Body Mists I guess - a cheaper option to start with.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5



  1. wow..i hav never tried tbs perfumes even during offers..i hav a few samples but din use them too..amybe iam jus too lazy..nice review aarthi

    1. He He :) Their perfumes are good, not bad. You can try them once in a while. I like their new collection but restricting myself :p

  2. Everyone says this particular perfume is the simplest, cleanest musk you can get..and apparently is a popular seller at TBS..somehow I always forget to try this in store :|

    I like TBS perfumes...they aren't superstar posh..but they are all good in their own way..like you pay a reasonable amount and get good decent perfume that nobody is going to get a headache with.

    1. Never knew this is quite popular, but u described d scent in d best way - simplest, cleanest musk :-) This one is one of d very few musk fragrances I like and true TBS makes some really good perfumes. Next to their body butters n scrubs I like their scents.

  3. Hi Aarthi!
    Just today had been to TBS n although I dint try this out at the shop I just took a whiff n I fell in Love with the fragrance..but just coz I already have enough of perfumes which m not even able to stock properly..forget using :P so I became a good girl..n moved ahead without trying ;)

    1. You are really a good girl Nidhi :) Nice to see a perfume hoarder like me ;)

  4. sounds good Aarthi... yet to try a fragrance from TBS...

    1. Thanks Ritu. TBS has a wide range of choice to match diff needs, just give a try at the counters :)

  5. I do not like musky fragrances at all but i will definitely get a sniff of this next time i am at TBS. :)

    1. Sure Jyo, Do try and let me know whether you like it.



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