Monday, August 6, 2012

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Touch Lotion Review

Unlike me, my sister loves musky and strong fragrances. She was raving about this particular fragrance from Victoria's Secret that I had asked her to get one for me. She got the body lotion instead of the fragrance and no wonder it had a musky smell to it. Glad it was not too strong for me and I started using the body lotion - 'Angel Touch Lotion' pretty soon.


The fragrance is a mixture of white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony - which made me think I would never like this !! Surprisingly, the smell was mild and the body lotion was light that this became my body lotion for this summer.  Comes in a cream colored bottle with a golden lid and it has got a cute shape as well. Musky lovers with oily skin will love this body lotion for sure. My dry skin needs more intense moisturizers for winters.

  • The lotion is light and gets easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Does not leave the skin sticky.
  • Suits my dry skin during summers.
  • Has a mild musky fragrance.
  • Huge bottle lasts long.
  • Fragrance stays on the skin for around 2 hours.
  • Skin feels soft like silk, no wonder they named it as angel touch lotion !

  • I am not a fan of musky fragrances, so not for me. 
  • Also since the lotion is light, I need some thing else for winters.

You can see how flowy the lotion is..


The cost of Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Angel Touch Lotion is $20 for 250 ml. However best bought with other products in the same range.


Not my favorite any day. Sis loved it, so from what I know about her and this lotion - Girls with oily skin and who love musk can just close your eyes and buy this one.

Rating - ♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I lov musky fragrance aarthi..i like victoria secret products alot..

    1. Have you tried any VS products Pree? They have so many variants n products for musk lovers.

  2. you know Aarthi.. I love musk fragrance.. I buy anything with the name musk in it :)) yeah its a bit strong.. but I love it **aawwhhh in musk dreams**

    btw nice review :)

    1. Never knew you were a musk lover Reks :) Thank You :)

  3. i love musk . . and whadda sexy bottle !!! apt victoria secret's :)

    1. Oh sooo many musk lovers :)



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