Friday, August 24, 2012

Victoria's Secret True Escape Body Wash Review

I have tried a couple of [or might be even more] body wash from Victoria's Secret and each one is unique and amazing in its own way. The recent one my sis got for me is the 'True Escape' one with solar jasmine and pomelo. This comes in a green and purple packaging and claims to have Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in it.


Everything is same with all VS Body Wash except for the fragrance and packaging. The light liquid gel like body wash is so addictive that you can see I have almost finished it within 2 months. This body wash lathers pretty well. Fragrance is mesmerizing and makes the bath amazing. The fragrance does not stay in the body until I lock it with the body lotion from True Escape. The amazing fragrance lingers in the bathroom throughout the day :D
  • The fragrance - any day.
  • Lather very well.
  • The fragrance makes us get addicted to VS body wash.
  • Simple and neat packaging.
  • Different variants available and I am sure you will be so confused to pick just one.
  • Skin feels soft after the bath.
  • Does not dry the skin.

  • Availability in India.
  • The fragrance vanishes soon after the bath so it is wise to purchase this as a combo with the body lotion of the same variant.


The cost of Victoria's Secret Body Wash is USD $10 for 250 ml. It is best to buy in combos as 3 for $25 and 5 for $30.


Victoria's Secret Body Washes are must haves I would say. Unfortunately we don't get it easily in India but if you get a chance do buy in bulk and you won't regret.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥



  1. sounds too good to resist, Aarthi... :)

    1. It is really hard to resist Ritu :)

  2. nice review.. wana get my hands on them :)

  3. Aarthi you and Pree keep tempting me with your reviews :P im going to become bankrupt one day and both of you have to sponsor me.. that day is going to come very soon :P :P ;)

    1. He He Deeps I am so waiting to go with you for my blush purchase, will sponsor you that day in return for suggesting me good blushes :D

  4. Aarti, you are one ardent fan of VS products I guess & lucky too to have family abroad to get these for you :)

    1. True Uzma. I thank my sis for all this :) Been a long time, hru?

  5. aartsuu..i love VS....:) am loving ur pics :D

    1. Thanks Varshini :) From where did you get VS products? Do we get it in Chennai?

  6. I like how you have taken the pics...I keep trying that way of taking but somehow never get it beginning to think there is some maths involved in it cos hubby gets it but I don't :|

    1. Radsooo you are so kind to say that :-) But honestly I can never ever compare my pics with urs, im still learning :( N hubbys have a diff way of looking at things I guess! !!



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