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L'Occitane Shampoo & Conditioner Review

My sister gave me few bottles of L'Occitane Shampoo and Conditioner and I tried them long back. I really liked it then but some how forgot about it until my hair went through a very bad phase recently. My hair became super dry and frizzy [caused by anti-dandruff shampoo :( ]and I have never had this problem ever in my life. I had no idea what to do and try on my already damaged hair. That is when I remembered this L'Occitane shampoo and conditioner with 3 essential oils.

The review was requested by Ankita :)


I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for a month now and I was able to see the results within 2 weeks itself. This range claims to have 3 essential oils that deals with dry and damaged hair - just what I wanted for my hair. Glad I tried this, my hair is almost back to form. It tamed down all the frizziness and dryness. Hair became soft and shiny but at the same time did not weigh down my hair.  I am so glad I found this shampoo and conditioner that they are my savior :D

Both the shampoo and conditioner are quite flowy and light [ya, even the conditioner is not so thick] and these travel size bottles lasts me for 5 washes - 1 week approximately as I wash my hair every alternate day. I have finished 2 sets of these already and I am on my 3rd set :) I take a lot of shampoo as it does not lather much so I get the shampoo for 5 washes but the conditioner for 6 washes !! 

Started using the shampoo but the conditioner in the previous set is still left out..

  • Both Shampoo and Conditioner are light and flowy.
  • Each tiny travel size bottle lasts for upto 5 washes.
  • This combo does wonders on my extremely dry and damaged hair.
  • Showed results in 5-6 washes itself.
  • Hair becomes soft, shiny and manageable.
  • Does not weigh down the hair much.
  • Does not make the scalp oily either so my hair is fine for 3 days even without a wash.
  • It reduced my hair fall too !! [Read reduced and not stopped]

  • The fragrance of the shampoo is kind of some medicine and it is strong too !! The fragrance stays for almost the entire day and it is very disturbing !!
  • The shampoo does not lather much.
  • I know L'Occitane shampoos are expensive but not a con for me at all as it did magic on my dry and damaged hair. I am listing it down under the dislikes as not every one will be okay about the price factor.


I couldn't find the cost of the travel size versions in India but normally L'Occitane Shampoo and Conditioners cost Rs.1250 for 300 ml each.


To be honest I really do not mind the price at all. This is all what I expect from a shampoo or rather any product per se. I am 100% happy with the results that I do not mind the strong medicine smell at all. This combo saved my hair and I am sure to buy their hair care products from now on :D

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. if it soooooooooo good then am def giving it a shot..i hav pretty thick hair so i end up finishing my shampoos quickly.:(

    1. Ya its good Pree n this one bottle will last you for one wash only :-)

  2. This sounds perfect for my hair Aarthi. :)
    Are these silicone and SLES free???

  3. Once all my TBS and TNC shampoos and conditioners get over..i would save for it !

    1. Ya v hav to plan n save in adv :p

  4. Hellos...I wish we had tiny bottles in India so we could try...I am on the lookout for a good anti-dandruff shampoo

    1. Ya Vaishnavi... me too.. Heard d Vichy anti-dandruff shampoo is good.. :-)

    2. I am still looking...Kerastase worked well for me. But its full of chemicals and hard to get :( I'll try this one.

    3. I have heard so much about Kerastase but never got a chance to try it..

  5. Anonymous21/9/12

    aww....this is so tempting aarts :)
    3rd set ..u have finished ??? my hair is in a pethetic phase.. found out the rootcause...iron none of the shampoos work :P

    - varshini :)

    1. Pls do not skip ur iron or calcium tabs.. Plssss... I knw it is v boring as u have been doing it since a yr but imagine losing all ur hair!

  6. Ive tried the shea buttr shampoo from l'occitane n its great. :) would love to try this one too :)
    N ive seen 75ml travel size bottles here in stores in delhi

    1. Wow thats a great news Poorva, glad we get it in small size bottles. Waiting for them to open their store here in Chennai :)



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