Friday, September 21, 2012

The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume Review

I am a perfume hoarder and I always wanted to try solid perfumes as well. I just have a couple of them and I am glad I stopped with just two. One is the TBS Love Etc Solid Perfume that I am going to review today and the other one is from L'Occitane which I have reviewed already HERE. This will most probably be my second and last solid perfume. To know why read further..


I have the Love Etc EDP and I really like how colorful and cute it looks. Yes, of course it smells good too :D Anything colorful and tiny grabs my attention quickly, so irrespective of how the smell is I wanted this tiny little heart shaped solid perfume from TBS. I would call this a floriental fragrance.

Top - Pear, Neroli, Bergamot
Middle - Jasmine, Heliotrope, Lily of the Valley
Base - Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk Cream

I looooooove the shape and color...

  • Nice fragrance - not musky at the same time the floral fragrance is so refreshing.
  • The packaging is absolutely drool worthy :D shaped and pink :D Colorful too :D
  • Can be easily slipped into your pocket and hence travel friendly.
  • Comes handy for touch ups.
  • Easily available.

  • Bad staying power and that is how solid perfumes are !!! It stays for an hour max and you need frequent touch-ups !! 
  • Expensive !!!



Though I got this from Dubai I checked the price here in India and it costs Rs.725 for 13 g.


I don't regret buying this as I love cute little pink heart shaped tin and once I finish using this I will definitely re-use the tin to store something :D But, seriously no strong reason to buy this again and unless you are crazy like me you can skip this one.

Rating - ♥♥♥



  1. i hate solid perfumes aarthi..i agree theyr cute n travel frdly but so expensive..i had a bad experience wid loccitane soli perfume n never dares to get another one..they hardly stay..n nice pics wid neya's blocks..haha

    1. Me too Pree.. My last solid perfume too:-)

  2. i love the pretty packaging and the lovely fragrance. thanks for the great review :)

    1. Thanks beautydiva :-)

  3. I want to try atleast one solid tin sooo cute aartss... u hav weakness for cute things :P

  4. I hvnt yet used any solid perfume byt i guess i should try atleast one before ditching them absolutely. ;) which one u liked better aarthi? This or l'occitane?

    1. Fragrance wise I like L'Occitane Jyo but I feel this TBS smells more.. I mean you can feel the smell for some time.. L'Occitane one vanishes pretty soon and is very mild too :( I would say TBS is better..

    2. Ohhk fir. WIll try TBS only. ;)Thanks for the suggestion.

    3. Hope u like it Jyo :)



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