Monday, September 24, 2012

Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream Review

Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream claimed to show visible results in 7 days !! I couldn't wait but got the heel cream immediately as I was suffering from severe dryness. I got the smaller tube as I first wanted to see whether it works or not. The entire tube lasted me for just 2 weeks as I am very generous when it comes to moisturizing my feet. I have almost finished the tube now and here is the review for you girls :)


I was very glad that the cream was not so thick and it was very easy to apply. I hate thick creams. It got absorbed instantly and my feet felt soft and moisturized. After using it every night for a week my feet was the same. It felt good until the cream stayed in my feet and it didn't help my extremely dry feet in any way.

Claims and Results
  • Helps repair damaged skin cells - It did, to an extent.
  • Uniformly fills cracks for better action - Not for me :(
  • Gives touchably, soft and smooth heels - Yes, until the cream is on my feet.
  • Smoothens skin to avoid skin irritation from bed sheet/ blanket - !!!
  • Forms a layer to protect from water - !!!!

  • Easily available.
  • Available in 2 sizes, glad I got the smaller one :)
  • The 20 g tube lasted me for 2 weeks, in spite of me using it generously.
  • The cream gets absorbed quickly.
  • Very mild fragrance.

  • It didn't do anything for my super dry feet !!!


The cost of Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream is Rs.45 for 20 g.


The only thing I liked about this cream is that it is very light. It didn't help my dry feet in any way so I am going back to my TBS Body Butters which works better on my feet.

Rating - ♥♥.5



  1. i dont like this either aarthi..nice review..

  2. Would try feet are not very dry..

    1. You might like it then Bhumika :-)

  3. This doesnt do what it supposed to !! Such a waste of money.. I had used its hand cream in the past and wasn't impressed :/

    1. True Shalini.. Glad I just got the small tube..



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