Friday, October 19, 2012

Coloressence Pearl Finish Eye Shades [Pink Carnation] Review, Swatch & EOTD

I like trying and testing new brands and always wanted to try something from Coloressence. When I got a chance I grabbed an eye shadow from this brand in the shade 'Pink Carnation'. I love glitters and shimmers so when I saw the eye shadow I thought I would love it for sure. Read on to know how much this tiny eye shadow scored.


I bought this eye shadow online and when the packaging came it was broken and super messy. I had to clean everything when the eye shadow it self was flying around ! The eye shadow is super pigmented and the color Pink Carnation is a pretty light purple color with loads of shimmer in it, that for the first time I felt the shimmers are just too much. Best suitable for drama :p and very rarely I can wear this color out here in Chennai !!

  • Super Pigmented.
  • Pretty Color.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Good if you love shimmers.
  • Economical.

  • The eye shadow is so light that it flies off all over so have to be extra careful while opening it.
  • You need a good base to hold this eye shadow else you will see this color and glitters all over your face in less than 5 mins !!
  • Glitters are just too much for me to carry :(


The cost of Coloressence Eye Shades are Rs.200 for 3.5 g.

Sorry for the drowsy eyes.. the sun was so harsh and I was sweating.. super tired.. while taking these pics :(


Not a must buy for sure. Just if you want to try something new and some thing with too much glitters go for this. I am wondering when can I ever use it again !!! Good for beginners as it is super pigmented and easy to blend.

Rating - ♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Love the shade but the glitters should have been less as you mentioned!

  2. Beautiful shade aarthi

    1. I liked the shade too Tejinder :)

  3. Ohh this seems to be more frosty than shimmery to me. Not suitable for out Indian skin tones..well only except for some special occasions.

  4. the shade is very pretty... very less pink e/s are there tht actually show up on the skin tone.. i thinnk ths wud surely do... n yess a part shade this is.. well reviewed aarthi :D

  5. my comments never appear :(((

    1. He He.. It will Nids.. You just have to wait until I moderate them :) I did review the Green Moss Eye Pencil for you :)

  6. I have the gold one..which I like :)

    1. Gold with glitters.. we can deftly work it out.. esp for this festive season :)

  7. Actually I like this shade :) guess would look good with black base smokey eyes makeup :) did u see this brand anywhere in stores Aarthi? How much was this eyeshadow?

    1. Yup.. the shade is very pretty Reks.. only prob is the glitters !! I didn't see them anywhere here and this was Rs.200 and I have mentioned it :)

  8. wow the shade is so so pretty :D
    xoxo <3



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