Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream [Radiance] Review

I think I would be last one to review the much hyped Maybelline BB Cream and the Clear Glow Compact. Though it is late, my experience with this is quite different from others. Today I shall review the cream and tomorrow you can see the review of the compact pressed powder.


By now you know what all it claims - Brightens, Freshens, Evens tone, Smoothes, Protects, Clarifies, Hydrates, Conceals Flaws. It almost does all that and it is so easy to apply and blend. I need a very little amount for my entire face and neck. Face looks so fresh and neat. I was so in love with this until it broke me out the very next morning. I thought something else would have been the cause but every time I used this I saw a pimple on my face the very next day. I tried it more than thrice and the same thing happened !! Though it makes my skin flawless and glow y I had no other choice but to stop using this :(

I got it in the shade radiance for me.

  • Very light on skin.
  • Blends like a dream and no whitish cast.
  • Skin looks flawless and dewy.
  • Very mild fragrance.
  • Very cute packaging.
  • The tiny nozzle dispenses the right amount of product.
  • Very little is needed every time.
  • Easily available.
  • Travel - friendly.

  • It broke me out every time I used it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • A very small tube - just 18 ml and you can finish it in a month if used everyday !


The cost of Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream is Rs.199 for 18 ml.

All that I need for my face !!!

A small tube that is packed with tiny wonders. I am so in love with the finish it gives on my combination skin but unfortunately it didn't like my skin :( I have recommended this to many of my cousins and friends and everyone loved it. I am sure this is a great product that didn't work just for me :(  I don't want to give a bad rating just because it didn't work for me.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. breaking out is BAD

  2. its look very good on skin..i love the product..easy bendable..nice review

  3. Oh :( sad it broke u out..

  4. nice clicks aarthi..ther must be sum ingredient that doesnt suit u..iv never tried this so i cant comment on that.:)

    1. True Pree.. Should find that out. Other than that it is an amazing cream give it a try..

  5. I use this for work everyday.. gives me such a natural look.. Im already halfway through finishing my second tube.. :D :D nice review Aarthi <3

    1. True Deeps.. This is amazing but bad it broke me out :(

  6. Aww.sad that it broke it out. i loved it while the tube lasted on me but want to finish up my foundation tube now so dint get a new one lolz. :P :D

    1. Thats good Jyo.. You can always go back to this once once you finish your foundation :)



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