Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Brillance Sparkling Touch for Lips [7] Review, Swatch & LOTD

You all know I love glossy lips any day over matte lips and I keep getting glosses from all known brands and this time it is from Yves Saint Laurent. As I love glitters I went for the sparkling gloss and it does sparkle like diamond.. err.. ok tiny minute diamonds :D These have shade names but I can just see the number 7 in the outer packaging. No information in their website as well !!


The gloss comes in a pretty pen-brush packaging and I click the black button at the bottom to get the gloss out and apply the gloss on my lips. I think the color of the pen matches the gloss inside the pen but it goes almost transparent on my pigmented lips. So I usually top this over lipsticks. I like the clicking part to get the gloss. It is so easy to use without making any mess. Sparkles are subtle yet noticeable so best for evening wear. It smells yummy too :)

  • Easy to use click type pen-brush applicator.
  • Just 2 clicks and you get the right amount of the product.
  • Smells sweet like a fruit candy.
  • Has minimal yet obvious sparkles.
  • Does not dry out the lips.
  • Not very sticky, it has to be at least this sticky for the gloss to last for some time.
  • Lasts for 3 hours.

  • The brush is not too soft like that of a sponge tip applicator.
  • I guess the gloss would go transparent on just anyone, even on non-pigmented lips :(
  • I am so used to glosses that I do not mind the stickiness but for few it might be a con.
  • If you hate glitters/shimmers skip this.



The cost of Yves Saint Laurent Touche Brillance Sparkling Touch for Lips is Rs.1490 for 2.5 ml.

Gloss on my bare lips..


If you are gloss person who loves sparkles give this a try. Otherwise, you can easily skip this one. I personally like the gloss but I prefer pigmented gloss so I am stopping with just one of this in my collection :)

Rating - ♥♥♥.5



  1. i also like only pigmented glosses..this is soo exp aarthi..try colorbar true gloss or chambor glitsy gloss..theyr perfect for pigmented lips

    1. Ya I have ordered a Colorbar True Gloss :D

  2. You love glosses na Aarthi. :D M not a gloss person but once in a while i do like them if they are really pigmented. :)

    1. Ya Jyo :) Ya like the Colorbar True Gloss ones :D

  3. Hey aarthi..
    Very nice review...I like matte lipsticks then glossy one..but colour is v pretty though...n looks good on u..

    1. I hardly try mattes but I have to :p

  4. me no likey shimmery gloss :(

    1. Most of you don't.. I am the odd one out :p

  5. I actually like glosses a lot! and Shimmery one's too. But this wouldn't do anything for anybody! I would feel ripped off if I bought it. :P

    1. The packaging was in different colors and I thought the gloss is colored too !!



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