Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3 Colorbar Nail Lacquers [Sizzling Pink, Starhit Pink, Desire] Review and NOTD

Ever since I tried one nail polish from Colorbar I wanted to buy more and more. Vidya made the job so easy by putting up a sale here and I grabbed all three Colorbar nail enamels. I bought the shades Sizzling Pink, Starhit Pink and Desire. I have already shown a Colorbar Nail Enamel HERE in the shade Exclusive 29 - a pretty pista green and yellow duochrome. 


Colorbar has a wide range of shades to choose from that I am often left confused. Though I do not wear nail colors most of the time I have a decent collection to wear during occasions. Recently I fell in love with Colorbar nail enamels that I am planning to make a 'Only' Colorbar Nail Enamel Collection :p If I do I'll show them to you. The brush is good and thus application is easy too. Two coats gives a good color to the nails, be it pastels or just any other color. No strong fragrance makes them more lovable.

From L-R - 72 Starhit Pink, 22 Desire, 24 Sizzling Pink

Starhit Pink - A bright candy pink color that adds so much life.
Desire - A deep/dark chocolate color.
Sizzling Pink - Peachy pink color with subtle golden shimmers.

  • Good packaging and sturdy bottle. [Yes :p I did drop them a couple of times]
  • Great range of colors to choose.
  • Good quality and quantity for the price.
  • Stays without chipping for 3 days.
  • Applicator is good.
  • No strong fragrance.

  • Ever since I saw the SAs giving fresh new piece for trial I am very skeptic. I hesitate and monitor a lot before buying these !! Wish they had an outer covering or seal to ensure that they are brand new.

NOTD - I ♥ Starhit Pink 


The cost of Colorbar Nail Enamels are Rs.110 for 9 ml [Increase in Price??] and the Exclusive Ones [Green Yellow Duochrome] costs Rs.150 for 9 ml.


Good value for money and they do not dry up quickly so do try them. I am sure they have at least a couple of shades that you like or a couple of shades that you don't have in your collection.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. love starhit pink totally !

    1. Me too Sukanya :) How did the day go? Happy Birthday again :)



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