Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BiC Twin Lady Sensitive Razors Review

I usually prefer waxing and sometimes when we are totally unprepared we might not be able to run to parlors and that is when I go for razors. The reason behind why I got these Bic razors is not any reviews, suggestions but just how colorful it looks. Also for some reason I don't like to use the same razor more than once and these looked like disposable ones :D so I just picked these up.


Each pack has 5 razors in different colors like blue, green, purple, pink and one of these colors repeating. These razors have twin blades to get that close shave which I personally do not prefer but somehow I didn't notice it when I got these razors. I got 3 packets and half way through my 2nd packet. The razors are lengthy enough to hold and use comfortably. Also it does give a close and neat hair free skin and I just throw this away after every use. One major problem I faced was - boils all over the shaved area !!! And it looks so ugly too !! I am still on the look out for good razors.

  • Colorful razors.
  • Use and throw / Disposable ones.
  • Razor is convenient to use.
  • Though it looks flimsy it is sturdy enough.
  • Gives a neat smooth shave.
  • Each razor comes with a transparent lid, in case you want to re use them.

  • It has twin blades which I do not prefer and I do not need.
  • The very next day after the hair removal I see boils all over and it leaves marks too !! I tried all ways to avoid or control them but nothing helped.
  • The outer cover says it is for sensitive skin !!!!!!!!


I got these razors in Dubai and the I remember these were very cheap, should be around Rs.100 - Rs.300 for 5 razors.


I am using these for 2 reasons, 1.I don't use them very frequently so never got that urge to look out for better ones, 2. I don't want to throw all these away just like that !! Honestly, the boils make me totally upset and I keep telling myself I need better razor next time.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥



  1. sadly we dont have many options here :( have u tried venus? its kinda ok but little pricey :(

    1. No Reks :( Where can we find venus?

    2. its available in healthkart, UT, Snap it today and medplus aarthi :)

      infact satincare razors are quite comfy too :)





    3. Thanks for sharing Reks.. Will buy them.

  2. i hate razors aarthi..i never use them..coz i hav sensitive skin n it itches badly.epilators r way better

    1. im scared of the pain n thts y never tried epilators!

    2. it pains for the initial few times aarthi.. but then it becomes really easy to use :)

    3. I should buy one then... and get used to the pain ;)

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