Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Forest Essentials Pure Rosewater Light Hydrating Facial Gel Review

There are very few brands that sells their product with amazing fragrance and all such brands are my favorites :D The Body Shop and Forest Essentials have never disappointed me in that aspect. Having tried many products from The Body Shop I took a break and hopped on to Forest Essentials recently. Already being in love with their soaps here is another product from the same brand. Read further to see how it scored.


The light pink color gel claims to have pure rose water [steam distilled rose water], aloe vera extract and cucumber extract - doesn't that sound amazing. It basically serves the purpose of a moisturizer and I prefer very light moisturizer for my skin. This one is very light too and smells heavenly - pure rose water fragrance that I love. Having spoken about the good here comes the bad, it feels so itchy and it stings on my face !! I felt so uncomfortable the very first time that I immediately washed it off. I tried a couple of times again but it felt the same way. This product disappointed me completely and I am looking for other ways to use this to finish it off.

  • The fresh rose water fragrance is amazing.
  • Pink gel in a cute tub :D
  • Feels very light on skin.
  • Key Ingredients list with cucumber and aloe vera extract is very tempting.

  • My skin burns as soon as I apply this on my face and what else do I have to say. I can never ever use this !!!


The Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Facial Gel costs Rs.995 for 50 gm


I am staying away from this for sure. I don't know what went wrong. Please try it in the stores (if possible) before buying this one as this might or might not work on your skin. I am still wondering whether the product is bad or just that it didn't suit my skin????

Rating - ♥



  1. omg sucks yaa..i wil never get it..thanks for ur review aarthi

    1. Ya pls stay away Pree.

    2. I think it's got to with their steam distilled rose Oi in the product...even their body mist rose n cardamom stings on my skin every time I use it...though the fragrance is very long lasting...but you feel itchy all over!!!!

    3. I didn't leave it for a long time.. It was very irritating all over the face so washed it off immediately..

  2. omg....I thought its a good product..I will stay away frm this...m ur newest follower dear....

    Glad if you follow my blog too, There's an ongoing international giveaway too:)


    1. Nice to see you here Renji :) Will be there for sure :) Shopaholic and Makeupholic should stay in touch ;)

  3. cucumber water doesnt suit me too.. stings me badly.. cud be the same with u...

    mix this with some oatmeal powder or gram powder and make ur own facial / body scrub n get rid of it..

    i emptied one bottle of cucumber water like this only.. :D

    1. Thank you so much for the tips.. Will deftly try it as a pack or scrub :)

  4. Oh :( Too bad yaar..

  5. haa.. the packaging and texture looks attractive but the product :( thanks for the review Aarthi.. u saved my money :)

    1. Yaa Reks.. It looks so tempting :)



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