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My Top 6 Online Make Up Shopping Destinations !

As much as we love roaming around in the malls and shopping there we do love shopping online. I still prefer going to the malls but many of my friends completely prefer online shopping that they almost forgot the usual shopping, especially for cosmetics. Some times when I really can't resist and I am stuck at home, I just browse for the products and order them online. We do get some awesome discounts online that tempts us so badly. Here are my top 6 online shopping destinations for makeup and skin care [in random order] in India [of course].

One of my cousin wanted me to do this post and here it goes for her and all of you too :)


I wanted to make it just 5 but it was hard to skip even one of these :p All of them made on time delivery and all products packed in good condition. So I am not mentioning these points again.

Med Plus Beauty is my recent favorite so this struck my mind first. I came across this portal when I wanted to buy my Vichy night cream and found that with good discount as well. I was super excited and from then on I keep checking this site for good skin care products and make up with good offers too. I have shopped from them twice and recently bought the colorbar true gloss :) Every time you shop you gain some points and you can redeem them from your 3rd purchase, so my next purchase would be from medplus beauty for sure :D

Currently they have offers in the following brands - Lotus, Loreal, Lakme, Faces and Maybelline too. 

Violet Bag

Whenever I see this violet box my happiness knows no bounds. Yes, I love their outer box so much :D You can see a detailed review of the website and the box HERE. One of my very first online shopping was with violet bag and I love them for their amazing discounts. I have to mention that it is so easy to navigate through their website and very easy to spot any product. I have shopped from them twice or thrice so far.

They give you a surprise gift whenever you shop over Rs.1000 !!!

Health Kart

Though I have shopped from health kart only once I was very impressed with the range of brands they had. They have good variety of skin care, hair care and nail care products and if you are lucky you can spot them on offer too. All I can say is my first impression was good so I would definitely repurchase from health kart.

They specialize in health related products - medicines, parenting products, personal care products, eye care, nutrition and fitness products too.

Urban Touch

I shopped from urban touch long back when no one else offered Nyx products online in India but they did. I didn't go back to UT just for one reason that I didn't find cosmetics on offer :( but they had numerous cosmetics brands. Now I find some good offers often :) However they have brought in foot wear, hand bags, jewellery, lounge wear and watches too.

They have L'Occitane and Lush :D

Purplle is some thing I tried in the mid - I mean not recently and not long back too :p I have shopped from them just once when I got a gift voucher for purchasing some where else. From then on I keep checking their site often. Recently they have got in Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works too !! So all this while who were asking me about my VS and BBW haul, here you got a chance to try them too :)

They have clearance sale in Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works right now. Also spot offers on OPI and TIGI.

Flip Kart

Never knew flip kart had cosmetics too !!! It was a sweet surprise to me :D I found my favourite I-glides on good offer when I was looking for some movies and books at flip kart. They have a great range of brands to choose and try from and I have shopped from them just once so far. Will definitely keep going back to them.

They have these luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Clarins, Lancome, MAC, Clinique, Yves Saint Laurent  cosmetics on sale !!!


There are other online shopping portals I am yet to try like jabong, junglee, myntra etc. Can't say much as I haven't shopped from them. They have closed style craze which used to be my favorite too. The list was made based on my personal experience with the these websites and I have updated the same here as it would guide you as a quick reference any day.

Any suggestions for online shopping please share in the comments and I will be glad to try them too :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I love Stylecraze. Want it back:(

    1. jabong and myntra are my favs!! they are brilliant.. u shld try!! and yes of course.. stylecraze!!

    2. Sure will try them :)

  2. online shopping is great but very addictive..very nice post aarthi

    1. That is very true Pree :)

  3. nice suggestions

  4. all of them my favs aarthi :) n yeah u missed goodlife.. they are doing a fab job and yeah too.. also I was planning to get stuff from after reading some good reviews.. but for some weird reasons they have removed the "add to cart" button from their site.. but the site is still active lol :D

    1. Never tried these websites Reks.. Thanks for suggesting :)

  5. I have tried UT and Healthkart...I am waiting to try Purplle for their body mists!

    1. Purplle is just amazing.. they are adding so many brands every day !!



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