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Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Review

Keratinology - the science of salon beauty is a product of Sunsilk. During my school days when my hair was really healthy all I used was Sunsilk shampoo. The Advanced Reconstruction Program provides intensive repair to prolong the beauty of salon treated hair. When I got the package that has the shampoo, conditioner and mask the first thing I noticed is the amazing smell.. followed by the packaging.

Forgive me for the bad lighting.. It has been raining since morning and this is the best I could do :(


I love how the bottle is designed and colored. The honey color bottle has amazing fragrance locked it in that lingers in your bathroom and hair for almost an day ! The products inside matches the outer color of the bottles. Especially the mask looks so yummy like a honey smoothie. 

I have straightened my hair and this product was an apt gift that came at the right time. I have been using these products for the past two weeks and I am happy with the results. It does leave my hair shiny and manageable but I need the mask to tame down the frizziness caused by anti-dandruff treatments. The conditioner does work but my hair needs extra nourishment that I often reach for the mask. 

How did I over see these bottles in the store all these days ??? It works well and I am sure to get these if at all I do straightening again. [I do not want to because I already killed my hair with all treatments followed by bad maintenance, so every time I straighten I tell myself that 'This is the last time' :p]

Don't you just love the shape?

  • The packaging with the color.
  • The color of the products make them look like caramel smoothie [mask] and caramel ice cream [conditioner]. They are soooooooooo tempting.
  • The fragrance is amazing and they last long too.
  • Easily available.
  • Works well on treated hair. It maintains the shine and makes the hair more manageable.
  • Available in other variants too.
  • The mask is thick and rich to tame down even the worst frizzy hair - that is mine :(

  • I wouldn't call this a major con - the conditioner doesn't help control my frizzy hair. I need the mask to tame down my hair. This might be because of the strong treatments I took in the past so might be just the conditioner could help you.
  • Not travel friendly. 


The Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Shampoo and Conditioner costs Rs.200 for 200 ml each. 

The Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Mask costs Rs.400 for 200 ml.


Amazing products that comes with a reasonable pricing and available easily too. Do give this a try and you can feel your hair getting pampered leaving back a more shiny and manageable hair with a great smell that you keep sniffing your hair through out the day ;)

Shampoo - ♥♥♥♥
Conditioner - ♥♥♥♥♥
Mask - ♥♥♥♥


Note - Product sent by PR.


  1. Looks sleek and perfect!

  2. am so getting the shampoo and the mask now ! :) Aarthi u have totally sold me this <3

    1. Thanks Sukanya :) Hope you like this :)

  3. very nice review..i like this range alot..:)



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