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The Body Shop Pomegranate Body Butter Review

So here is another TBS Body Butter review for you today :D Don't worry, I am not here to write a lengthy review of the Body Butters again as I have already reviewed them HERE and HERE. Having already used the normal Body Butter and the Duo version as well I really can't pick just one of them but fragrance wise I can give you an idea and that is what I am going to do today with a little more info.


Something that you must know about these body butters are well if you like the fragrance of sweet lemon, it is not necessary that you will like the sweet lemon body butter too. Formula wise they are almost the same and I have always loved them on my super dry feet. Nothing else can replace them but it is important that you sniff them at the stores before buying as the fragrance is quite strong and if you don't like the fragrance you will have a tough time finishing it - like how I struggled to finish the Moringa Body Butter. 

The pomegranate body butter smells sweet like pomegranate but with a bit too much of buttery smell in it. Once applied the smell does not bother me much but as I open the lid I couldn't take the sweetness.

Having already see the pros and cons [If you have not GO HERE] let me list down few of their variants. Take a deep breath !!! and pick up the ones you would love ♥

Strawberry - Used and Loved  
Satsuma - Used and Loved
Coconut - Yet to try
Floral Acai - Used and Liked
Sweet Pea Duo -Used and Liked
Pomegranate - Using and Liked
Pink Grape Fruit - Yet to try
Japanese Cherry Blossom - Yet to try
Chocomania - Yet to try. Have tried the body lotion though.
Love Etc - Yet to try. Have tried the fragrance :p
Dreams Unlimited - Nope
Coconut Shimmer - Nope
Cocoa Butter - Nope but the body lotion was horrible :( I mean the fragrance.
Olive - I think No
Moroccan Rose - No.. but I want to.
Hemp - No but yes to the hand oil :p
Macadamia Duo - No
Vit E - No
Vanilla Duo - No
Aloe - No
Shea - No
Sweet Lemon - I tried at the stores and the smell was horrible.
Mango - Yet to try.
Moringa - Used and I hate it as much as I hate the Cocoa Butter Body Lotion.

The list doesn't stop with this, there are more I am seeing everyday and getting tempted to try more :p


The [Limited Edition] Pomegranate Body Butter is priced at Rs.795 for 200 ml. They have increased the price of all body butters now :( Also each variant is priced differently like Rs.775, Rs.880 and Rs.910.


If you haven't tried these then you [your skin] are missing something that is really good. Take your time at the stores to try the different variants and spot your favorite. As I said a zillion times before I will keep trying different variants and there will always be at least 2 in my collection.

Pomegranate in particular is just okay in terms of fragrance and I don't like it much but I wont have any problem finishing this tub.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5



  1. am totally loving ur clicks aarth..i love pomegranate..not a big fan of the body butters..i just have one for the winters n use it at night mostly..:)

    1. Thanks Pree :) Your skin looks perfect mine is super dry.. can't think of a day without ths :(

  2. thought of getting few body butters during sale.. but the expiry date fiasco kept me away :(

    1. You can get a couple of them Sukanya , provided you use them regularly ;)

  3. well i can guess it smells a bit like wild cherry?

    1. No, it just looks like that..

  4. Pomegranate sounded too that u say its ok..

    1. For my liking - ok.. You might like it better :p



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