Sunday, December 16, 2012

Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Wash Indian Rose Absolute Review

I always love products that comes with good fragrance packed in it and that is how I fell in love with the brands like Crabtree & Evelyn, The Body Shop and recently Forest Essentials. When I visited the store I was too confused on what to pick, so just got the travel kit. The reviews are long due :p So today here is the review of the shower wash [Indian Rose Absolute].

Review requested by Bhumika :)


As the name suggests the shower wash smells of amazing fragrance of rose. The shower wash is a bit thick - in between liquid and gel form. It lathers very well and thus spreading the fragrance all over the body and the bath room as well ;) It is not a refreshing fragrance and if you are looking for that you'll be disappointed. The lid is intact and thus very travel friendly too. This reminds me so much of Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Shower Gel. 

  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Ingredients listed.
  • Travel friendly, spill free packaging.
  • Lathers very well.
  • No slippery feeling after shower.

  • I just like everything about this shower wash except that it is quite expensive.


The cost of Forest Essentials Shower Wash Indian Rose Absolute is Rs.675 for 200 ml. However the one I have got is a mini version [50 ml] that came with other products in a travel kit.


I prefer fresh citrus fragrances for my shower so I might not buy this one. However I don't have any complaints with this shower wash and I absolutely love it that I do not even mind the price. Being completely satisfied with their bath range I so much want to try their skin care products.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥



  1. I would surely love to try it as a part of a kit Aarthi..

    1. :) More interesting products coming up :)

  2. very nice clicks again aarthi..<3

  3. i really want to buy a body wash from this range :)

    1. They are amazing Prayati.. You should try it..

  4. Your picturesss!!! I had a bottle of this some months back.. I loved the rose fragrance initially, then got sick of it!

    1. I was rushing while writing this post so was never satisfied with my clicks :(
      Ya Ikya, the kit has 6 products and 4/6 are of Rose Absolute range so I am bored of it already !!

    2. eyyy what you're saying man?! It can't get better than this! If it does, I might not like you very much! :P

    3. Haa Haa ;) ♥♥♥ Love you ♥♥♥

    4. I love you back!! Mwah! <3

  5. I am soooo luving ur clicks aarts.....superb :)



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