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Lancome Tresor In Love Perfume Review

I am a great fan of Lancome fragrances and if you know me well you know why :) My sis knows this and she wanted me to try something new from Lancome. When she came down for her wedding she got the perfume set from Lancome - Tresor In Love. The packaging is so cute with a tiny black rose tied to its collar and the fragrance is amazing too. It is not that non-musky kinds but still I just loooooooooveeeeeee it :D 


The fragrance opens up with a mild sweet note that stays on and on and on. This might be named as a winter or evening wear fragrance but I am comfortable wearing it any time any day. This perfume made me realize that I love romantic fragrances and this is one too. Similar to Lancome Miracle this perfumes stays for ever and sillage is amazing. 

Lancome describes this as a 'Fruity Floral' fragrance.

Youthful. Modern. Flirty. Discover Lancôme’s newest fragrance sensation that captures the spirit of the first moment of love. Fall head over heels with the luminosity of ripe fruits, the radiance of rose and jasmine, and the vibrant warmth of cedar wood and musk.

Top Notes - Nectarine Accord, Pear, Bergamot
Heart Notes - Turkish Rose Essence, Jasmine
Base Notes - Cedar Wood, Musk

  • Amazing fragrance that lasts for ever on me. [Same as Miracle]
  • Sillage is great. [Same as Miracle]
  • Romantic fragrance. [Same as Miracle]
  • Pretty Packaging. [Same as Miracle]
  • Suits all seasons and occasions. [Same as Miracle]

  • Nothing at all !!! [Same as Miracle ;)]

This came with shower gel and body lotion as well.. Let me know if you want me to review them as well.


The cost of Lancome Tresor In Love is $44 for 30 ml, $58 for 50 ml and $75 for 75 ml. If I get to know the cost in INR, will update it here. However, I don't know the cost of the entire kit :p


I love this fragrance as much as I love Lancome Miracle, might be a teeny weeny bit less than Miracle. I feel bad when I say that as if I am being mean to Tresor. Ya, I just love it so so so much and I will be buying this again and again. If you love romantic fragrances that would last long enough then you should try this one.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. i wish i could smell it ..looks divine

  2. u hav alot of hi end brands aarthi..iv been wantin to get the lancome bifacil badly..but 1900 for a makeup remover jus pinches..:(

    1. When it comes to perfumes.. yes.. I don't compromise :)
      Think about how frequently you use it. If you can finish it within a year then get it.

      I had an eye makeup remover from EL and it was amaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiing.. trust me I couldn't give up I am getting a back up now.. It is just a remover, true.. but it is my eyes.. so I don't mind spending on it :)

  3. Your picturesss Aarthiii!!! Oh God! I stare at them for 15 minutes before reading anything! U make the product look prettier! (This bottle is pretty, but then you made the elle 18 lipstick look good! :P)

    1. Haa Haa... Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much :D

  4. fabulous picyz!! n the packaging is soooooo gorgeous! n i bet it smells just as gorg!

    1. Oh ya.. absolutely Lee :)

  5. My bro gave me the Magnifique gift set for raksha bandhan coz he knows my love for Lancôme fragrances...I had bought my first Lancôme perfume a decade ago, Poeme. I also got some lovely free gifts along with this gift set which I've set aside for a giveaway which I'll do soon :)

    1. Wooowww you love Lancôme fragrances too.. Miracle was my first one from Lancôme and I would have got at least 5-6 bottles of it.. Using the last bottle now.. I'm so stuck with that fragrance..

  6. The packagin luks so adorable Aarthi :) U r 1 lucky gal :D

    1. Haa Haa.. True Raaga.. Been a long time.. Hru doing?

  7. Lancome Miracle is the one that i have :)
    and ur clicks are awesome :D
    ur becoming a pro :)

    1. Thanks Varshini.. but not a pro at all.. Never knew you had Miracle.. How do you like it?

  8. i have not tried any other perfume from Lancome but i have hypnose which i really like ..
    this seems to be good one may be next time :)



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