Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oriflame Beauty Peel Off Whitener Review

I got to try a couple of good Oriflame products as my close friends are Oriflame consultants and they often suggest me some good products to try. However, other than the products they suggest I'll order a few more that sounds interesting and the peel off whitener is one such product. The concept sounded very tempting and I couldn't skip it.


The peel off whitener feels, looks and smells (a lil bit) like fevicol !! I apply it on my nails, wait for few mins and peel it off. The peeling is so easy and mess-free if you apply it evenly. I love that peeling process :D like how we used to do with fevicol during the school days ;) Though I have heard positive reviews about this product I did not feel any major difference in my nails in any way :(


  • Good applicator.
  • Process is easy.
  • Love the peeling.
  • Does not thicken or dry (like fevicol) over time.

  • It is just like fevicol.. well not adhesive though and that will be the only difference between these two.
  • No whitening effect at all.
  • Available only through consultants.


The cost of Oriflame Beauty Peel Off Whitener is Rs.169 for 7 ml.


Total waste of money !! It just did nothing to me but I have read positive reviews- I am wondering how?? It is just a toy in my collection and when I am very bored and have nothing to do I just put it and peel off :P

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥



  1. a great review again..yeah sum products r duds..

    1. Thanks Pree :) This was a shock coz I read a positive review !!!

  2. yeah its a total dud Aarthi :( me too din find any change after using this..

    1. Ohh Glad I am correct :)

  3. Oh :( Thanks for the review Aarthi..I was always intrigued by this..

  4. Glad it helped you Bhumika :)

  5. lol... oriflame creates some duds for fun :D



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