Sunday, December 9, 2012

Upcoming Reviews - Forest Essentials Travel Kit

I got the Forest Essentials Travel Kit early this year and always wanted to review them. I took the pics a couple of months back but I kept postponing it. Now as I have almost finished using all of the products I thought I should better review it. Bhumika, sorry for the delay. You had asked me to review it and you can see the reviews one by one pretty soon.

The contents of the travel kit came in a cute blue net pouch that looks so pretty. For the money I paid, I am so glad with what I got. Will show you everything in the pics..

Closer look at the pouch

We get so much for just Rs.850 !!!

I have already reviewed a Forest Essentials Soap HERE. Will review the soap that came with this kit and the shower wash next. You get a chance to try so many different products at the same time and I am glad they had this travel selection.

P.S - I absolutely love this kit ;)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. i love love love travel sets :)

    1. Ya I like to try them too Zatz :)

  2. Ya ya waitinggg..

    1. Sorry for the delay dear :p

  3. I love travel kits...they look so cute and are a perfect way to try out new products.

  4. Like this set...I have started using FE products off late and like it :)



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