Thursday, May 31, 2012

Experience the magic of 3 R’s this season: Repair, Replenish and Revitalise your hair and skin at Lakmé Salon

Celebrate flawless skin with the new Algae Collagen Masque
Rejuvenate your hair with the Time Restore Protein Treatment

Have you looked in the mirror with a worry that pre-mature ageing and fine lines are beginning to appear on your skin?  Are you afraid that your hair is beginning to look duller and has lost its sheen? Indulge in Lakmé Salon’s new Repair Replenish and Revitalise Service which includes Algae Collagen Masque for your skin and the Time Restore protein treatment for your hair. Experience these rejuvenating hair and skin services as part of a whole list of special offerings that are Just Out @ Lakmé Salon.

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