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Davis Eye Glitter with Vitamin A & E [No.67,69,72,76] Review, Swatch and EOTD

Davis Eye Glitters could have never got my attention until Varshini passed on a few to me. I initially had just one and as I loved the creaminess she got a few more for me. These come in the form of pencils thus helping us to use them both as eye liners and over all lid color as well. Having 4 different colors out of which 1 refuses to show up on my lids, I am satisfied with the ones I have got. Yes, these might be a school girl's good friend.


These Davis Eye Glitter has obvious glitters that spread so easily but the super creaminess makes us forget everything else. The lavender color doesn't show up on my lids at all so it is just lying around with the other 3 pretty colors. When used as liners they smudge big time leaving glitters all over my lids so these days I use them as eye shadows along with a good base to lock the glitters. The green and brown/gold are amazing lid colors. If you are a school girl and can't afford much then get these.

  • The eye pencils are really creamy. However the creaminess varies in each one of them !!
  • Comes with a sharpener.
  • Claims to have Vitamin A&E, but I really doubt.
  • Amazing color choice available if you can spot this anywhere.
  • Really long pencils.
  • Best when used as eye shadow/all over lid color.

  • False Claims - Extra Water Proof Protective !!! No way.. You can just wipe it off with your fingers.
  • Since it is very creamy if used every day I can finish a pencil in no time !!
  • Glitters spread everywhere :(
  • The lavender color doesn't show up on my lids at all :(


The price varies from Rs.30 to Rs.50 for a pencil !! Dirt cheap right.

Without any base.. just showing you how these colors looks on my lids


Initially, I really loved these eye pencils as I was a new to makeup and these pencils were all what I needed. Now having tried so many other good eye pencils and eye colors this one remains untouched. If you are young and new to make up then do get this as it comes so cheap. For the price, what it does is a lot !

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥



  1. amazing aarthi...i hv seen these at a fancy stores

    1. I am yet to spot these at shops here :)

  2. I used to own these in red,plum and black shades.

    1. Really.. You got all pretty shades :D

  3. even i have a pencil from Davis... had bought it just to try ... the one i have is a dual ended pencil with different colours at each end! and i totally agree with everything in ur review :)

    1. Oh !! Never knew they made so many different pencils in so many interesting colors !!

  4. I've never heard of this brand. And at this price...I'm having my doubts...are you sure these are safe for the eyes Aarthi?

    1. With no ingredient mentioned and at this price this wouldn't be safe for sensitive eyes but glad it didn't do any harm to my eyes Dollie :)

  5. Wow these r dirt cheap n have amazing shades.

  6. The brown looks so pretty and so does the green! But I only hope these do no harm. Just because MAC charges rs1000 more, I trust it more, lol. And that makes me feel quite silly! :P

    1. Noo... seriously.. you are not silly.. Even I was not very confident while trying it for the first time !!

    2. You're too sweet! It's just that, because these are eyeliners, it's scary (sensitive eyes!:/)

    3. Ya dear.. I can understand :)



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