Friday, January 25, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Kohl Minerals 01 Precious Black Review, Swatch & EOTD

There are more than a handful of products that I just bought for the packaging and this is one such product. I remember buying this L'Oreal Kohl Minerals from a blog sale and when I got it I had no idea what it does :p and thought can read the details once I get the product in my hand. How dumb was I :p, ya the packaging looked so attractive along with the sale price tag too :D


This is a powder liner that comes with a brush, whereas I use this more often as an eye shadow ! The brush is very convenient to apply the powder as an eye liner. It has silver shimmers to it and the fall out is something that you can never help. Make sure you don't open it when your fan is on and it is going to create a big mess around.  The silver glitters are prominent but nothing OTT and I love it.

Sorry for the blurred pics you see here and there :p I broke the cam lens !!! Yes, that is a big sad story !! and it has gone for repair, until then this is all my old lens can do .. poor thing :(

  • Good black lined eyes is so easy with the brush.
  • Works good as an eye shadow too.
  • Has silver shimmers.
  • The color it gives is not too deep but not too light as well - just the right amount of black.
  • Too much of product to finish.
  • "Minerals"  :)
  • The powder is very fine and soft.
  • Well pigmented.

  • Too much fall out.
  • It spreads a lot after lining my eyes, so I prefer this as an eye shadow than a eye liner.


The cost of L'Oreal Paris Kohl Minerals used to be Rs.450 and I guess the price is around Rs.750.


A good product but this is something I do not use very often. If you are a smokey eye lover then this must find a permanent place in your stash. Since I have my L'Oreal Eternal Black I do not really need this one anymore. There is a little trick involved in applying this and once you learn it this might become your favorite too.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥



  1. wow its soo black aarthi..

    1. Ya Pree.. Very intense as you layer it up..

  2. Oh mY lOrd! what an increase in price!!! I agree, too much fall out though.

  3. ive always been tempted to try this for the packaging but never did because i m very bad with loose powders, be it loose face powders or pigments or everything ! :P
    ur eotd looks great :)

    1. Thanks a lot Poorva.. I loved the packaging too :)

  4. My siser has this nd its sooo hard to line your eyes with this..Using this as an eyeshadow is quite a good idea

    1. True Lee.. It becomes too messy when I try to line my eyes..

  5. i will give it a pass, nice review :)

  6. Such a jump in price :O Pretty EOTD :) I like shimmery blacks :)

    1. Ya Raaga !! But I don't understand why that price hike !!! Thanks dear :)

  7. I was so waiting for a review of this !! thanks, would be able to resist this injurious-to-pocket kohl now :)

    1. Haa Haa.. True Rashmi :)



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