Sunday, January 27, 2013

Maybelline Colorama Color Irresistible Nail Polish Review and NOTD

I love all shades of pinks... and pinks in all things I have - blush, lipstick, nail polish and what not. So this pink nail polish doesn't have a big story behind but this review has a small reason / purpose. I don't remember when and where I got this nail polish from and it has become my recent love. Unfortunately I am unable to spot the shade name - it got rubbed off :(  So by the end of this post if you have any clue about the shade name please share as I am planning to get a back up.


The nail polish is a dull pink color with obvious silver glitters in the bottle but that doesn't show up much once applied on my nails. It gives a semi-frosty finish and this has become my everyday shade now. I have always loved Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamels and this one is not an exception too. I have this for more than a year and it is still fresh in terms of consistency. It is so easy to apply the nail polish with the applicator and I will say I learnt decent application [if not good :p] with these nail enamels only !

  • Amazing consistency.
  • Really long shelf life.
  • Great range of color choice.
  • Good applicator.
  • Easily available.
  • Affordable.
  • This shade in particular is so wearable.
  • Does not chip for good 2 days (without any top coat).
  • No strong fragrance.
  • Does not make my nails yellow.

  • The outer sticker that has the details wears off easily and see what happened I couldn't find the shade name at all !!

NOTD - I tried some silly nail art !! First trial and this is how it turned out :p Used Roxo Metalico for the tips.


The cost of Maybelline Colorama Color Irresistible Nail Polish is Rs.100 for 8 ml. It was sold for Rs.85 I guess.


These nail enamels are my all time favorites and they have amazing shades to satisfy our (different) needs. They have some pretty purple, yellow, red and green too :) If you haven't tried any of these then you are missing something in your life ! Also if you feel you are not so good with nail polish application then try these. Trust me, it does help a lot. Reminder - If you know the name of this shade please share :p

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I think this is either Rosa Crystal or Silver Plum. I have both those. If I had to guess, I would say Rosa Crystal.

    1. Yaa.. I am sure it is not Silver Plum.. So must be the other one. Thanks for sharing Poohkie :)

  2. such a pretty shade, maybe you can take it to the counter next time and ask for the name. it's very pretty indeed :)

    1. I Thot of that too :p

  3. nice color...i really like this nail color a lot...



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