Monday, January 21, 2013

Viva La Juicy Parfum by Juicy Couture

The hot pink packaging has never failed to attract me but just to avoid the buzzing and forcing SAs at the perfume counters I walk past this pretty thing every time. The bottle looked even more cute with a hot pink bow tied to its neck and sighhh... I just wanted to try this one day. That one day came pretty soon in the form of product sample from my sister.


It is so difficult for me to walk past this pretty golden bottle with a hot pink bow and I think that says all about the packaging. Coming to the fragrance it opens up with a fruity sweetness that made me realize that I can love sweet fragrance as well unlike the sweetness in CK Euphoria, which was so artificial. The sweetness lasts forever and fades leaving a caramel fragrance. This might be a bit strong so better worn light and thus better suits winter but I do not restrict this to any particular season or occasion. Sillage is good and it lasts almost all day on me.

Top Notes - Wild Berries, Juicy Mandarin
Middle Notes - Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine
Base Notes - Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Praline

  • Good staying power.
  • Good sillage.
  • Pretty packaging. I even love this tiny version.
  • Sweetness is good and kind of fruity.
  • Amazing fragrance for evenings and winters.

  • The fragrance is a bit strong, so better if worn light else I get a headache !!
  • I could never smell the middle/heart notes :(


The cost of Viva La Juicy EDP by Juicy Couture varies between Rs.6000 - Rs.7000 for 100 ml. As I mention always perfumes are best bought online where you get it for as less as Rs.3000 !


This perfume is definitely not my kinds but still I like it. The predominating amber and caramel sweetness is quite new to me. However, this perfume has been voted as many people's favorite and signature too ! So you don't know this might become your favorite too. I am still debating whether I should buy the full version of this or not. If I do I will share with you girls for sure.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥



  1. You know what? I have perfumes but I have never been able to say which one suits me better and which notes top the other! Kudos!

    1. You'll get to know them once you start trying many :)

  2. This was by far the best perfume i ever used on myself leaving black XS.. And my fiancé loves it more.. Its sweet but not over powering at the sangee time.... I finished that huge bottle of 100ml within 6 months that's how much i love this

    1. That tempts me more now :p



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