Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Accessories Love ♥ - Aldo Wallet

My friend offered me a gift and there was sale at Aldo at the same time - what can be better than this? I went ahead and chose the bag in Pink along with the wallet. You would have already seen the bag and wallet together last month, also I did mention how spacious the combo were that it can accommodate almost all I wanted to put inside my hand bag and wallet ! Today you can see how much I have dumped in there and still it looks empty.

The zip in the front is just a design and there is no space in there to stuff anything. The 'Aldo' brand name is at the back of the wallet. I wish it was in the front as well :p

It has space for 2 pics I have filled it already.. One with me, mom, dad and sis.. Other one with hubby and Neya :)

See how empty my wallet is as it has enough space for all my cards and that sorted out everything. I love love love love it. My wallet has never looked so neat and organized ! I like the inner lining in copper finish.

The original price was Rs.2600 and after discount I got it for Rs.1350 !

Have you ever dumped so much and still your wallet stayed slim and decent ? 

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. wow it looks soo pretty

  2. pretty pink it is... and u got it a gr8 price :)

    i too love keeping my wallet organized :D

  3. this is so cute ans sleek

  4. Wooow!!It sooo pretty!! :)

  5. pink and aldo :) super cute ...nice clicks aarts

  6. Wow...this wallet is absolutely gorgeous :)) So well organized...mine is always a mess!

    1. Haa Haa.. Thank you Ankita :)



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