Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kama Ayurveda Brahmakamal Lotion Review

I have tried a facial cleanser from Kama long back and nothing else from the brand till now. The cleanser did wonders to my skin but I just forgot about it and never repurchased it. Recently we stayed at The Park Hotels and there they had the Kama Brahmakamal lotion in the bath. I was excited to see Kama products again and was super enthusiastic to try them. So here is a review of the lotion for all of you girls.


"Lotus Lotion - A perfect moisturizer with Glycerin and Olive Oil along with the essential oils of Lotus. It not only moisturizes the skin, but also reduces wrinkles." 

The Brahmakamal lotion is a white lotion that spreads easily and gets absorbed instantly by the skin. The lotion is very light but the fragrance is too strong. It smells like jasmine predominantly and it stays for an hour and fades away slowly. Since the lotion is light it helps my dry skin a little and I have to re apply it again after 5-6 hours. This lotion best suits summers and my skin definitely needs a strong body butter for the rest of the season. I do not use it on my face and I do not have wrinkles to talk about it.

  • The tiny bottle is travel friendly.
  • Moisturizes my skin well.
  • If you love jasmine then you will love the fragrance.
  • Travel friendly too.
  • Gets absorbed by the skin instantly.
  • Paraben Free.

  • The lotion is too light for my super dry skin and I have to reapply frequently.
  • The fragrance is flowery and very strong too.
  • The same version is not available in their stores, so availability is an issue.


Not able to see the same version anywhere online and so I have no idea about the cost.


I like this lotion just for the fact that it is paraben free. Fragrance is too strong for me and that is the only reason I hesitate to look for it even in the stores. This is an 'okay' moisturizer for me during summers as I have to reapply now and then to keep my dry skin supple. However, this might be a good moisturizer for oily skinned girls.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I've used the Kama Mridul cleanser and the Bringadi hair oil but I've never seen this lotion at any store stocking Kama products. Maybe it's a product they make only for hotels?

    1. Ya Dollie.. I thought the same too..

  2. i wanna try kama products so badly now.. specially their kumkumadi tailam.. :)

    1. Ya.. I have heard so much about their products too :D



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