Friday, February 8, 2013

Olay Total Effects 7 Cleansing Benefits in 1 Foaming Cleanser Review

You all must be knowing that I am not a face wash/ cleanser person, by which I mean I always feel that all they can do is basic cleansing and nothing miraculous or anything more as they claim. When I got the Olay cream this face wash came free with it and thus I got a chance to try a new cleanser. I am glad it doesn't claim to do any magic on my face and the cleanser scored then and there !


When I saw the '7 in 1 Cleansing Benefits' I expected to see some jokes like anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, etc but glad they didn't claim anything as funny as that. The 7 benefits are - removes excess oil, gets rid of dirt, removes make up, gentle on skin, doesn't overdry, helps lift away dull surface skin and non comedogenic. It does almost everything it claims thought one or two claims are same put in different words. I do not mind this when compared to the false claims. The creamy wash is gentle on skin and cleanses the skin without leaving my skin dry.


  • If not 7, at least 5 in 1 benefits :)
  • Does what it claims - almost.
  • Does not leave my skin dry - a big big big like for me.
  • Creamy cleanser.
  • Cleanses well.
  • Tube lasts really long.

  • The fragrance could have been fresh and better.
  • Comedogenic? Really?
  • Removes make up only to an extent.


The cost of Olay Total Effects 7 Cleansing Benefits in 1 Foaming Cleanser is Rs.225 for 100 ml.


The cleanser didn't do any harm but at the same time didn't do any miracles too. A good cleanser that does almost everything that it claims. I have no complaints with this one, however I wonder how this might work on oily skin ! If I have to choose a decent cleanser from the drugstore range then it would be this one from Olay.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Nice Review but Olay makes oily skin pimply which happend to me :(

    1. Oh ya Nandini, their cream (I'll be reviewing tomorrow) doesn't help oily skin.

  2. i hav never tried olay..the products work very well for some..glad that it suits u..:)

    1. Ya Pree.. Glad it did :)

  3. sounds promising! Nice review :)


  4. Its non comedeogenic na..I did not get Comedogenic? Really? dislike..did it break u out ?

    1. I guess that is what they meant :p It did not break me out but I don't think it will suit oily skin..

  5. I got it free with OLAY cream ...Not tried yet.
    Nice review, will start using from today. Lets see whether is suits me or not ??
    Glad to follow you :-)
    Today's Recipe
    Paneer Matar Makhaana

    1. I got it free too Shruti :)

  6. thank you for the review. will surely try it next time

    1. Hope u like it too :)

  7. umm..never tried... but sounds okayish.. tall claims on face washes r just meh ! If it cleans the dirt n doesn't dry out my skin...its a yey for me ! :)

    1. Very true Sukanya.. Thts all I expect from a face wash too ..



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