Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oriflame Maxi Plumping Lip Gloss [Pink] Review, Swatch & LOTD

The Oriflame Maxi Lip Gloss was an impulsive buy just to see if the plumping claim works. Though I do not need it I got it out of curiosity. I know any bigger my lips wouldn't look much different from that for a pig !! but still the curious me got it for the sake of testing. I thought once I test it I can pass it on to my cousins or friends later, but I completely forgot that I had this with me :p


The lip gloss comes in a transparent huge packaging containing a good amount of the product. The gloss looks plain pink in the tube but has prominent lavender/pink duo chrome shimmers in it which is not very obvious on lips. Going transparent on lips it does make my lips appear fuller following some hot tingling sensation ! I am sure that people with thin lips are going to love this gloss and people with big lips like mine are going to get freaked out by seeing themselves in the mirror !! Best while topped on a lipstick and this is
one way to get pretty glossy pout.

  • Lives up to the claim.
  • Gives fuller lips.
  • Easy to use lengthy applicator.
  • Good amount of product.
  • Smells of bubblegum/berry :p
  • Available in Pink and White[Pearly Nude].

  • It is a bit sticky.
  • Not easily available.


The cost of Oriflame Maxi Lip Gloss is Rs.369 for 6.5 ml.



If you need fuller lips and you don't mind that hot tingling sensation [that scares me a bit] then you should be having this already because I doubt that Oriflame has discontinued this product :p I am not very sure though. Pree, Rekha - Please confirm as I couldn't see this in the catalog at all !!

Rating - ♥♥♥♥



  1. I have never ever used a plumping lip gloss but now i want to lol. :P My thin lips can definitely make some good use of it. O:)

    1. You have beautiful lips already Jyo :)

  2. u r def a lipgloss person na aarthi..i had one amway plumping lipgloss gifted by my frd..that also gav a nice cooling sensation..i think some ingredient causes that..but still it looks nice..u r temptin me to get glosses now

    1. Yaa !! But when I get tempted seeing all your lipsticks you get tempted seeing all my gloss :p

    2. actually glosses suit u alot aarthi..they don suit me much..:(

    3. I am sure it will look good on u Pree :) Just try once :)

  3. Plumping lip glass from oriflame sounds interesting Aarthi..I have thin lips :( should give a try then :)

    1. You should Nandini.. You'll love it :)

  4. i liked the packaging of this even though its nothing spcl:) and i want to try this but dont know any oriflame consultant :(
    loved ur review:)

  5. looks like this one has been discontinued only..not to be seen in the catalog these days :D

    1. Really?? Thanks for sharing dear :)

  6. oo..plumping and all..ya m scard of stings too..



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